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How to Make Google Chrome 200% Faster *UPDATED Jan 2015*

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Hey everyone in this video I’m going to show you A very quick and effective way to Make any version of Google Chrome Faster and efficient.

Google Chrome is one of the best internet browsers out there and is already fast as it is. But in this tutorial I’ll be showing you how to make it even more faster than it already is.

Let us see how to make Google chrome faster

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20 Comments on How to Make Google Chrome 200% Faster *UPDATED Jan 2015*

  1. No data received

    ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE when i open fastest fox

  2. plzz Link fastestfox

  3. This was all good until the FASTFOX OMEGA malware installer! LOL!

  4. I'm just sitting hear thinking will it work on Mac. ?????????????

  5. ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT <- what do i do if it shows this//

  6. i can't download FastestFox :-(

  7. OMG.Left your page cus of the LONG ASS ADD…REally you put an add to it..WOW.

  8. thank you, hope it speeds things up a bit

  9. Enable Enhanced Bookmarks, and Click Disable.

  10. give a thumbs up on my comment if U had a new tab open while watching this.

  11. This video is really getting on my damn nerves
    too fast and the damn music

  12. Anyone can share Fastest Fox with us ?

  13. Now My Chrome Is Sewper Fawst!!

  14. UP

  15. When I followed the instructions in the video, it made it where I couldn't even connect to the Internet and I had to uninstall Google and reinstall it again. However, I installed Google Canary and it is SO much faster! So I am grateful :)

  16. How to slow down chrome 200%

  17. The day after i do this.

    It's slow as hell :(

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