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How to make windows 8, 7, Vista or Xp look exactly like Mac os x (HD)

This is tutorial on how to transform your windows 8 and make it look and feel like a Mac OS lion. In this tutorial i will cover the installation of visual themes for windows 8. And also how to get a working finder bar. Overall i hope you enjoy this tutorial. Download everything from the bottom and bookmark the video and don’t forget to like my video.


Mountain Lion x32:

20 Comments on How to make windows 8, 7, Vista or Xp look exactly like Mac os x (HD)

  1. what's the song of this vid in the beginning i like it :)

  2. I think your tutorial is the best! Good Job!
    And thanks to you my pc looks like mac :)

  3. Will it keep all files?

  4. Wow, your pc or the video recorder (i use EZvid too, but it isnt laggy) is slow, i barely could follow you

  5. dude this is very fine VERY FINE

  6. its funny to see you playing with the recorder

  7. wen i downlaoding this i cant play games becuase its so much lag

  8. Will this work on vista?

  9. cool video you know but it is laggy

  10. Do you can get the normal windows theme back when you installed it?

  11. The close and minimize button dont look like mac,Any ideas? 

  12. does it also work for windows 8.1 pro?

  13. PLEASE READ: does this go into all pc users?

  14. i get so many ads now! Does anyone know how to get ride of them?

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