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5 Comments on How to make windows 8 and 8.1 look like windows 3.1

  1. A little bit of a update,
    I made this video while was in elementary school and I will admit I probably didn’t do/say very thing right. I would’ve deleted these videos by now normally but looking at the views and likes to dislike ratio it looks like they’re helping some people. Also looking at the videos out there these subjects I honestly feel that these are the best videos I could find on at the time I am writing this. If you have a comment about something I did wrong that could help others please leave it. If you have a comment that isn’t helpful and is unsignificant just be quiet please.
    Thank you!

  2. When I had Windows 3.1, back in the day, you could use any wallpaper you wanted (256 colors). They gray wallpaper/desktop is not necessary. Thanks for your vid!

  3. I found out it works for 7

  4. It does not exactly look like the theme from the website but it still looks good 😉 thank you have a nice day.

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