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16 Comments on How to make Windows 8 look formerly like Windows 2000

  1. Thank you so much!

  2. @Windows eXPerience THIS DOESNT EVEN LOOK LIKE WINDOWS 2000 or Windows XP or 98 or 95 so shut up this looks like windows 3.0

  3. 0:020:18 cum se numeste melodia?

  4. I have 8.1 and you have the classic windows button on the bottom left??? Unfortunately mine when I click it brings me to the windows 8 screen when you first log on… You know the page that shows all the apps??? Help me I want the classic windows button like your bottom left one :'(

  5. Unfortunately there aren't any official windows classic themes since windows 7. But at least it sounds like your geiger counter is working great.

  6. is high contrast but i dont know what happens if you reboot with high contrast theme


  8. This is just High Contrast with changed color… I was always looking for a true old windows classic. 🙁

  9. Never say never.
    True classic experience:

  10. Windows Unattended CD creator.

  11. I have to find that out myself, but I know its available.

  12. WIndows 8 uses the DWM strictly, so you will never get the true classic experience.

    I'm also thinking of restarting Windows Cement, but I'm gonna use Windows 2003 as a base, and add useful features like DirectX10 and WMP12. I might even try IE9. Anyway, you should call your friends and maybe we could work this out. I have found a compiler that can make a true Windows install CD with modded files, so no more compatibility issues. But I need to test it out.

    Tell me what else you want in it.

  13. Very interesting video!.

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