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How to Make Windows look like Mac OS X Lion!

This is MMFQ DEATH here today to show you how to Make Windows XP Vista and 7 Look exactly like Mac OS X Lion. If you Guys enjoy the video please leave a like to show me! For more Tutorials and System Tweaks check out My Channel! I do take suggestions, you can comment, PM me, or Email me at the Email at the bottom of the Description.

These are just for Copyright. You do NOT need to download them:

WindowsXlive Website:

Mac OSX Rocketdock Skin…

42 Comments on How to Make Windows look like Mac OS X Lion!

  1. HEy dude can you make a ubuntu pack please

  2. i am curious what program to you use to record your desktop? I use to be able to record it with fraps but now i can't. How are you able to zoom in  as well. thanks.

  3. Not even close LOOL TRAMPS 

  4. can u get a better mic? it wil rly help

  5. Will this work on vista someone please reply!!!!

  6. thank God you play Minecraft

  7. I got black screen, can anyone help?

  8. Surely JESUS CHRIST IS OUR GOD ! Through HIM all things were made; without Him nothing was made that has been made – GET SAVED NOW – JESUS CHRIST SAVES

  9. which one will work for windows 8? are thee different one for each/

  10. Maybe….if it's already starting to lag. Perhaps you need a memory upgrade?

  11. Great videos full of useful info but there's a slight problem. Please lower the volume on your intro or raise the input volume to equalize volume levels. When I started the second video without adjusting my volume it blew my center speaker and scared the crap out of me.
    I'll be using the bootable USB flash drive technique very soon as my laptop has the black screen with mouse pointer, my desktop optical drive wont write and I need to do a repair via install disk/flash drive. Thanx 4 the videos!

  12. for being a helpful channel with tutorials. You should make one on being less of an ass and learning to deal with people that don't look at all of the details. Try a little less anger and more stress relief

  13. thanks a lot it works 100% :DDD
    your SWAWESOME!

  14. that's why it didn't work

  15. mine whent black when i restarted

  16. It Worked without a problem! Thanks a lot!

  17. Thnx. I'm gonna try this.

  18. Is there one that is compatible with windows 8?

  19. uninstall it maybe?

  20. No it won't and fowl language isn't appreciated. Thank you.

  21. Fuck U it will make PC lagg -.-

  22. How do you change it

  23. Thanks dude it worked on my windows 8 Idk how but it just worked

  24. omanyeah its very easy uninstall the program

  25. I already used the windows 8 transformation pack its easy

  26. What about the icons

  27. hey great tutorial but i was wondering is there any way to save the dock settings because mine won't save after my laptop shuts down

  28. Ok, just imagine I didn't ask any of thise questions. It all worked 😀

  29. Last question ;D is there any way to make this work if for two monitors? I can't click anywhere on my second monitor or put shortcuts etc on it…

  30. What does finder bar actually do? I installed it and can see in in the start menu, but I didn't see anything change…

  31. If you have windows 8 you can set up dual boot with windows 7 and you will more or less have a pc with windows and mac 🙂

  32. Working On me! Thanks! ^^

  33. then this video is a no watch for win8 users.

  34. Lol love your intro bro

  35. Can i get help please answer my pc screen hot just black when i restarted i need help

  36. My pc just has å black screen since i did it

  37. Still Working in Windows XP?

  38. thank you! not only u like mac, but u like minecraft and the sims too! oh, i feel like subscribing you… i think i did press it now… 🙂

  39. after installing this the sound does'nt work what should i do?????? PLEASE HELP

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