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How to: Make Windows XP faster and more efficient

In this quick tutorial, I will show you how to make your Windows XP computer faster using two tweaks. For both of these, right click on my computer and select properties. In the properties window, select advanced. From there select settings under performance. A new window will open up and this is were the two small tweaks change. For the fist one, stay in the visual effects tab and select custom. I would then suggest checking the following boxes: use…

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  1. umm for virtual memory it says. A paging file is an area on the hard disk that windows uses as if it were RAM

  2. Download CCleaner, it will delete anything that you don't need, i used it and it freed a total of 7 in a half GB. FIRST USE A TUTORIAL !!!!

  3. Dude just download CCleaner and it will do it for you, oh yeah, first go see a tutorial for it.

  4. Dude, your an idiot forthinking that a thing taht doesn't egiiste will kill me…

  5. Oh my goodness Holly Hunter does computer tips!

  6. Thums up if u like her sound weird

  7. 1:19 sounded like he was about to say used condom. HAHA

  8. Hes just trying to help people with computer problems… -.- atleast he can make a good helpful video

  9. @TheEbber22 retro is cool dude

  10. fuck off noob ass kid

  11. btw..whats the name of the theme youve got..and can u get it off deviant art?

  12. My computer did repidly go to 98 theme!!!!

  13. aha how old are 18 or 21 haah you got teached by a damn little kid dude how is that posibble

  14. why do have a Mac logo for Windows hmmmmm >>

  15. Hello, I have a Windows XP machine and this helped me out allot. I found that doing all of these things that you focused on in the video while using a Windows 7 Theme like I have, it increases the speed of your machine and keeps the awesome Windows 7 theme. Awesome video, will click like in a bit =D

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