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How to make Windows XP look like Windows Vista

This is a tutorial on making XP look like Vista.

Obviously it can’t mask it in every way but for the most part(sounds,desktop,folder appearance)it looks good.Even startup and shut down look similar. is where you download.Simply go to the website and find bricopacks(sorry if i misspelled)then choose Vista Inspriat and download.

You’ll get a .zip folder and just extract then install.

Please note this does NOT work on Windows XP x64(64-bit).It doesn’t happen to list Windows XP…

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28 Comments on How to make Windows XP look like Windows Vista

  1. Does it come with the sidebar?

  2. @sonic3243 I wasn't saying Windows Vista or 7 is the only choice. I was saying for simplicity, he should just get Windows 7.

  3. @mufcsupporter1 ya i no the program if you still want it…its called logon studio

  4. @Jcthor96 Probably. The only way to find out is to try it. Do it on a virtual PC. Best way to safely try it.

  5. Will serv pack 3 work???

  6. @QuintenOfficial or use ViStart search it up on google

  7. @QuintenOfficial Actually buy Vista or 7 😀

  8. how do you get the search thing in your in your taskthing :p

  9. @halo3productions911 Okay, thanks 🙂

  10. @mufcsupporter1 I believe so….. this was a long time ago….. I'll send you a PM.

  11. @H3ProductsReturns I didn't need them, but I have WinRAR. Btw, can you change the log-on screen?

  12. @halo3productions911 Never mind, I know now 😛

  13. @halo3productions911 So how do I do it? 😀

  14. @halo3productions911 No clue 😛

  15. @mufcsupporter1 I can help >.< You just don't know how to do it?

  16. @halo3productions911 It's simple really, I suck 🙂

  17. @mufcsupporter1 How come you can't unzip?

  18. You have to unzip files and i can't D': good vid anyway 🙁

  19. @halflifefan84 Well, you'd have to buy a product key >.<

    Or…. you could look for a keygen or patch torrent or re download a different Windows 7 that's already activated/hacked.

  20. @halo3productions911 Okay, I have windows 7 now via torrent, but I need a serial key, and the torrent didnt come with it, so I only have 30 days then I dont know what to do, lol.

  21. @halflifefan84 Yep. It really is. That's one main problem with Vista right there. It generally uses half of the RAM usable to the system. Not entirely sure why.

    Windows 7 is much better. I've used it myself and it works great.

  22. Hey man, is Vista really as bad as people say it is? Cause my RAM is being used up 50% and I'm pretty sure Vista is doing it, if I get Windows 7, will it not use 50% ? or will it use more?

  23. @xadedejix Its not VISDA it is VISTA!

  24. I like the look of vista!

  25. Well it masks the icons and throws a look alike background and sounds and some of the task bar to look like Vista as well as the mouse.Most screens are going to look the same…besides….this is free which pretty much says it all.

  26. Um…that's not that uncommon….

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