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How to make XP look like Vista (Without any transformation pack)

Hey guys, I’ve made a video tutorial to transform the look of your XP to Vista. Here is the links of all you need:


Vista Aurora Wallpaper:

Vista Rainbar (The Sidebar):


20 Comments on How to make XP look like Vista (Without any transformation pack)

  1. THIS IS WHAT I SEARCHED "how to make vista theme" AND I GET THIS CRAP AGAIN GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. the theme thing it didnt work for me D:

  3. Really great video!!! i subed and hope it helped, Have fun! 😀

  4. @rapmaster243 no problem you rock i really like this vid

  5. @DrakoDragon9 Sure, glad this helped, and thanks for subscribing! 😀

  6. i did this it really worked! so i subeded and liked SO THANKS ALOT!!!!! REALLY HELPFUL THX

  7. @andywongable I stopped using XP since a long time so I don't know for that.. sorry :/

  8. another question when i open internet explorer i thought that most of the parts should be black but mine is white

  9. thanks that helped

  10. @andywongable You have to unlock your taskbar, and after that, drag the little slider at the right of the quick launch shortcuts and then you should be able to have more icons.

  11. hey do you know haw to get 4 icons on the quick launch

  12. nvm it doesn't lag anymore

  13. @andywongable Hmm.. that's strange.. it didn't lag for me :/

  14. Thanks now it works but then it lags when i try to close and open programs and my browser

  15. @andywongable Probably because you didn't patch the uxtheme.dll file, watch my other video to see how to do it.

  16. why does mine come with windows classic?

  17. @ImanuelApiq Sure, glad this helped! Be sure to check out my newer tutorials if you want! 🙂

  18. @mishima360 It's in the description…

  19. wheres the link to downlaod the themes????
    pls reply ASAP!!!

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