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How to Make Your Computer Faster | Windows 8/7/Vista/XP | 200% Performance Boost

This video shows you how to make your computer faster for Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP. This will show you how to drastically improve performance and can improve performance when gaming, editing, or doing any high performance tasks. I made an updated tutorial for this in Windows 10:

20 Comments on How to Make Your Computer Faster | Windows 8/7/Vista/XP | 200% Performance Boost

  1. Thank you, PC Runs faster! Subscribing! and thanks again!!! :)

  2. The Windows 10 updated version of this video is out!

  3. Thanks the video really helped me out my computer is much faster

  4. What is your screen recorder?

  5. Followed it excaclty and obs runs much better games got cut half in frames…

  6. On window 8 i cant get to computer all i get is this pc help

  7. what is the notepad in the top right called

  8. Happy i watched this. Thank you

  9. Jk more like 8 and i only have 4 gb ram

  10. lol deleted 3gbs of crap

  11. Thank u soo much 😀 my computer is soo fast now xD like I could tell the difference once I followed ur instructions 😀 thank u thank u thank u!!!!!

  12. fucking awesome!!!!!!
    my laptop is like lightning!!!!extremely faster than the flash!!!
    i will kiss you man!!
     i love you.

  13. If I put the number max does it mean that is my max fps?

  14. my laptop doesn't have the maximum performance, can someone help?

  15. hello, i tried this but it didn't work. i'm havin 2gb installed out of which 1.11 is usable. i increased the virtual memory and ran a program needing 8gb memory and my pc crashed can u help?

  16. will i be able to play crysis 3 on highest graphics on my $400 dell laptop

  17. Ur a savage bro thanks

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