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How To Make Your Pc Run Faster (Windows XP)

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You an international user that doesn’t speak english well? Use google translate for the text.


Don’t want to use the video on how to make your pc run faster? Here’s the instructions in text here!

This will also work for windows Vista and Windows 7 Users but you need to look in your…

6 Comments on How To Make Your Pc Run Faster (Windows XP)

  1. thanks this helped

  2. how to speed up the download?

  3. @247PcTechSupport haha :),

  4. @RaZoRzXHDz I just hate when youtube removes comments. -.-

  5. @RaZoRzXHDz Thanks. I worked very hard on this today. If you have any pc problems just drop a comment here and i will be bale to help you out. =D

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