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How to make your pc/laptop run faster (3 simple steps)

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20 Comments on How to make your pc/laptop run faster (3 simple steps)

  1. your conputer rating is 3.5 I'm not sure I should listen to you……..lmao

  2. This what I do all my pc is ok but when u do disk cleanup don't click all them that will mess u up the last pc I did that for I could not het on it no more so listen to the first 2 step

  3. dis sum bullshit dont do this i did it then my computer got a virus

  4. its work thanks my pc speed but first im confused what is temp i scare to delete it then i search at google what is temp it say tempory internet then i delete it

  5. omg u made my pc way faster thnx

  6. What did he say Ctr … Can someone tell me what he said

  7. Does this Help with CPU problems?

  8. Great video thanks man for this.

  9. 147623 files in temp

  10. Not sure if it's worked yet but thanks!!

  11. I deleted all the files in the prefetch folder, restarted my laptop and all the files were reinstalled. Maybe having Windows 10 has something to do with it. Don't know.

  12. What buttons do you press to select them all?

  13. what does it mean when a pc starts up quicker after shutdown than restart?

  14. i ant see wat is it prefech

  15. I think this is gonna delete my game files is it? =-=

  16. Is this really fine? Does this delete your system files? Does it kind of mess up your laptop/computer? I just wanna check till cleaning the %TEMP% and prefetch.

  17. In this video did this guy delete system 32

  18. Ram, where did i find the step 3 pls reply, i do it now but the step 3i dont know where i go

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