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how to make your win xp to look like windows 7 (NOT transformation pack)

this is my first video on youtube.
This video is about how to make your windows xp to look like windows 7 for free and without transformation packs.
so if you guys like my video please comment and SUBSCRIBE.
sorry about my english cuz I am an indian.
if theres any way to improve my videos please comment that too

links for this video:

windows 7 (sevenvg rtm) theme:

windows 7…

20 Comments on how to make your win xp to look like windows 7 (NOT transformation pack)

  1. hay dude can you tell me how to get aero on window 8

  2. Thanks for help me………….!!!!!!

  3. i don't have the file window 7 icon in themes of sevenvg icontweaker….please help!! i'm almost there

  4. thanks man subed and liked 🙂


  6. i have window 8 and mac book pro i like to watch this video nice video

  7. Lol 🙂 I like you .. cuz I understand you when you say english.. but a little 🙂 Thanks for this video 🙂

  8. i dislike u because i hatt indians buth god

  9. It's good, but I have ubuntu:(

  10. Wow works all is looks like windows 7 thanks i will subscibre

  11. wenever i click run for the viglance it wont go to anything or wen i paste the link to the folder, it wont open HELPP!!!

  12. Help! I cant install theme i ckuck install button it say restart your pc and restart installition

  13. Thanks so much brother

  14. ur the best indian ever

  15. aweosme dude its awesome

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