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28 Comments on How to Make your Windows XP run LIKE NEW!!!

  1. My cpu is running 100% faster thanks to you.  Thanks for the video

  2. If it works why are u lagging

  3. Troll crank music. LOL

  4. thx dats work laveya

  5. thanks man my really slow windows xp is now a lot faster

  6. so that's why your pc looks like that

  7. Can I get Best Performance And Best Graphics

  8. Your music is funny 😀

  9. does it actually work?

  10. u know what ill say: IT WORKS and im not jokin it does

  11. worse tutorial i ever seen

  12. @knexdude7 You don't think that's the first thing I did?

  13. @DeltaPhi79 allyou gotta do is disable some of the startup programs on your old account

  14. This will only work on systems that really are new… Once I made a new account on my computer and used that instead of my old one, THEN it ran like new.

  15. the music sounds like some banjo kazooie

  16. umm this sounds very familiar is this some runescape music

  17. @Shadikku
    "lick startup"? 🙂

  18. o my figure out another way to make your computure run faster this is bull shit

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