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44 Comments on How to open your windows 7 computer without password

  1. Did not work. After doing all steps CMD window did not appear

  2. So this doesnt work for me sadly. It doesnt give me any links

  3. my user name is "SINGH SK"
    How I fill my problem from last step..

  4. Thanks, bruh. Absolutely brilliant.

  5. Thank you so much..this video is so helpful thanks for making this video

  6. What to write in CMD after Restarting PC ?

  7. I wish you I give a million like
    very much thanks for you

  8. Thank You I have done all that you have shown……..Thank You so much????????????

  9. really good solution thank you

  10. THANKS ALOT! it realy helps som many people including me 🙂

  11. after doing this when i loggin i'm getting an error "User profile cannot be loaded" please help

  12. It worked thanks so much, ohh I missed ma pc afff❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. Why i cant Find windows32 on My disk d

  14. can someone help. i can unlock password on Samsung Laptop. it ask me for password to log in

  15. Mine doesn’t give me the menu to hide problem details, just says it finished and is restarting

  16. Thank you so so much.It really works

  17. Bro I have window 7 ultimate
    I lost my password
    Please help

  18. Is the password gonna be permanent

    Pls reply

  19. Hey i tried this method .loged in .now i want to change my pass word but i cant .when i enter my current pass word it says its incorrect

  20. What key is that after net user ? I can’t figure it

  21. theres no utilman.exe on my loaptop windows 7 home premuim … pls help me where to find that …

  22. For all of you who were prompted by being asked if they wanted the computer to be restored, just click Cancel. Even though it says it's attempting to fix the problem, it will most likely (as it did with me) not have any other options and soon open up the message where you can view the privacy policy.

  23. it is super , but in my comp same problem but not open because not appears utiliman file so what can I do

  24. Thnkkssssss sir
    Its worked


  26. What is the songs name

  27. why my cmd won't pop out

  28. Why it said my username could not be found?? Someone help meee

  29. Great, thank you very much! Nice music too.

  30. your skipping a procedure wtf?

  31. There are several components to how to recover lost windows password. One place I found which succeeds in merging these is the Secret Password Wizard (google it if you're interested) without a doubt the most incredible info that I've seen. Check out this great resource.

  32. thank you very much! i appreciate it. it's useful.

  33. 123 -456 -789 * 10 11 12 …………………………. 13

  34. thank you sir,its great trick.

  35. انا عاوز حل

  36. I cant open my ease of access as cmd why plz tell

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