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how to printer share between windows XP, vista and 7.

this is a video showing you how to printer share between windows 7 and windows XP.
please note that in the video a said that there are no other videos on this but since filming this video I think one has popped up, but I dont think it shows how to printer share with 7 and XP, just 7.
Also note that this also applies to windows vista as well its the same as XP so just follow the XP guide for people running vista, I would have shown you how to do it in vista but I dont have vista installed on…

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  1. Thank you for showing me how to do this. I'm setting up a computer lab for my church and wanted to make sure I knew how to do it quickly before the network cards arrived. One computer is XP and the other is Windows 7 or Vista. This will make sharing a single printer a breeze. :-)

  2. Hello James,
     I need to know how to set up, from the start, 1 printer to 2 computers. Both are running XP. Now, neither of them have wireless cards in them! THey are both desktop computers.
    So, how do I set it all up and have my one printer running on 2 computers? I would really appreciate your help!! Thanks……….
    Iron Horse Cowboy in Covington, VA.

  3. Thank brother for a very nice useful video upload

  4. hi!!!!
    how can i share printer in virtual xp mode.
    Def i'm using win 7.
    Is it possible to share printer in same pc from win 7 to virtual xp mode
    can u plz explain

  5. hi buddy i didn't share printer between windwos xp sp3 and sp2. in the sp3 i share the printer but in the sp2 i go to the  browse for printers option any printer is shown there what can i do

  6. Very well explained. Thank you!

  7. Thanks for your video, very helpful.

  8. Is this work on window 8??

  9. thanks buddy. it worked. good share

  10. how do I put a windows xp 32bit computer and a windows 7 64bit computer in to the same work group

  11. nice video thank u…..

  12. Wow…. it works men.. THANKS A LOT :)

  13. Sir Please tell one by one steep about Local Area Networking in XP and Windows 7.Configuration with Router.

  14. Go straight to 7:14 and like my comment :P. +viperfrank maybe, one day you will figure out the reverse situation: the printer is attached to Win7 machine and you want to print from a XP machine. Upload a video here if you can  make it

  15. i got it working, but when i restart the computer that runs windows vista, it does not print until i go to network and double click on the computer that the printer connect to, and log in with his user and password. why is that?

  16. Thank you for this video man..

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