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How to put windows xp on your android device [The Easy Way] (NEW LINKS)

* You need to have a android device with a minimum of 512 md of ram to run*

files needed

Boshs and SDL


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20 Comments on How to put windows xp on your android device [The Easy Way] (NEW LINKS)

  1. Huh? I cannot download it from the store????

  2. My tablet no open Bochs

  3. i don't have the c folder

  4. i havent bochsout file!

  5. Can it run off of an SD card or must it be on my device's hard drive?

  6. why are making me fool you fuck

  7. i im is the mexico and is you lenguage english 😀 a and thank you

  8. the link is no longer working can you provide another link

    i like you video man i actualy wanna try it thanks in advance and more power

  9. its slow…  not yet a full pledged OS xp on tab..   can i run  games on that? or does it support  hardware devices  like Flash drives?. i think its Just an emulation
    environment does it???

  10. my tablet has 2gb of ram so I would like to use more than 256mb how do I change that thanks

  11. When i enter dont apear anithyng but the withe button apear and disapear and nothing is happening

  12. what's happen after you restart your phone? does the windows boot with the restart?
    or it come back to normal?

  13. Can't click!!! Tried everything…

  14. wow wielki szacunek dla cb ! :3 
    tylko mam problem 
    nie mogę niczego pobrać ;/ 
    ratuj ;)

  15. its ok, I finally found it but on a different website

  16. please help, I don't know if this is normal but when I download the SDL.rar it says it will take greater than 12 hours. :(

  17. Can connect with wifi and download app exe forms??

  18. I cant find my tablet HELP

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