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How to Recover Windows 8/8.1 Administrator Password

Best method to recover Windows 8 admin password when you forgot. Also works for Windows 8.1.
Free download:
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If you are using Windows 8/8.1 on your laptop/tablet and unfortunately forgot the administrator password, just watching this video.
This guide shows you how to recover Windows 8 administrator password with a bootable CD/USB flash drive. You don’t need to re-install your system or losing any…

27 Comments on How to Recover Windows 8/8.1 Administrator Password

  1. my situation is something different they ask to but this software

  2. fucking cunt change the titles. You don't recover the password. You just gain access and are able to change it without knowing the old one.

  3. it said no windows could be found

  4. I have spent months studying windows password resetting and discovered a fantastic website at Secret Password Wizard (google it if you are interested)

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  8. You can't install software when you don't have the administrator password. That's like telling you that you can get into your car after your locked the keys inside, using a spare key.

  9. iv tried this multiple times, the password rescuer does not appear on my screen . How do you fix this?

  10. don't you need admin password to download something

  11. cannot run in hp latest version….pls help

  12. What do you do, if the program can't find a windows OS?

  13. your shitty program wants me to pay to reset the password. its not like it is shown in the video.

  14. cant reset the password.. it says the trial version is not capable of resetting password !! irritating

  15. you presented it very well 🙂 thanks i bought it and it helped 🙂 for that you get a subscribe . thanks a ton man great work 🙂

  16. For some weird reason, as soon as the recovery screen hits I get the blue screen of death!

  17. the burning processed failed??

  18. Did not work for me, did not recognize hdd. Tested on lenovo g50 even on hdd compatibile mode, not uefi

  19. thank you so much, it save me a lot!!!

  20. Fantastic thanks for the insight and the link, just paid for the rescuer, it helped me a lot!!

  21. is their anything free?

  22. Wonder how easily it would be to hack my school password with this..

  23. thank you so much, it is working well for me!

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