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How to Recover/Hack Windows XP Password using cain & abel

this video is about hacking or recovering your or friends windows xp,nt,vista, 7 account password using cain & abel which use two file two decrypt the password one is sam file and other is system user

20 Comments on How to Recover/Hack Windows XP Password using cain & abel

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  2. For a free and fast way to do this email me at i reply fast and i really know how to do thid

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    and great tutorial !

  4. @litas09 ya you can..
    but before doing that you need both files which you can not copy from Both Guest or Privileged Account
    that means you need to boot your system either with live cd or with another os on the same system to copy those two files(Sam and system file)

  5. Can I hack password like this from "Guest" Account?

  6. @BeastModeTutorials You didn't know so it's fine, don't worry about it 😉

  7. @Skyferia oh im sorry if i was racist 🙁

  8. @BeastModeTutorials He's probably Indian, since he's using an Indian accent to explain, so there =)

  9. why are u talking like that?

  10. Best and easiest windows XP crack,

  11. You are 100000000% form India!!!!

  12. can i hack my neighbor wifi password with this?

  13. @monishchitnis that means either your computer is 2 slow or you have selected character length 2 high….

  14. @tarunkumarsinghal yeah whatever :))

  15. @georgik99 it will happen only if you didn't set administrator account password.
    that you can do without safe mode as well just press alt+clt+del 2 times at login time ==> then in the window that appears enter username ("administrator") and enter

  16. The best way =>> Open your PC and press fast F8, then choose safe mode. After windows started up go in Administrator account, and now go to control panel,user accounts, and modify your account password.

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