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How to reformat (XP)

Windows XP:
Windows 8:

Reformatting is when you wipe everything off your computer and start again. It can be used to get rid of viruses, or just to speed your computer up again, just as it was when you first got it.


I recommend only trying this out if you have nothing to lose, and I don’t want to be held responsible for any problems that may arise. It’s not my problem if you wipe your…

20 Comments on How to reformat (XP)

  1. what if i dont know my cd key

  2. hi I don't have a cd what happens if I format it without cd thanks

  3. what the fuckerino is a POST screen?

  4. Help me i need to know how to reformet Windows 2000 Please

  5. OMG nobody wants to talk in these videos!! smh -_-

  6. Help me how to format /d i delete i don.t know how to add drive /d back .what press for add?

  7. I cannot get my computer to boot from CD.  I've always been able to boot from CD before without making any changes to my BIOS.  So now I've gone into setup and made CD boot first and saved changes but when I go to boot menu to try to boot from CD it still shows my hard drive as boot first and won't boot from CD even though I select boot from CD and hit enter.  It just boots up normally from my hard drive.  Does anyone know how I can fix this so I can reload windows?

  8. when i cha nge the first boot device , it doesnt happen or works like what you just did

  9. I remember this.

    Can you teach me what c000021a means (BSoD)
    I once got it and I'm afraid it will happen again.
    I had to re-install Windows 7, please help.

  10. did u use any windows cd during formating

  11. where can i download the setup for install windows xp?

  12. pls pls how! to fix a How do you open the just in the num lock light emitting di fun in whatever you do please crazy we Yung keyboard.

  13. I love you no homo thank for the help

  14. This video is very helpful, thank you,

  15. can i install win7 instead?

  16. The reason im watching this is because my dad is a fucking jack-ass!

  17. noooooo it have crash my computer mother fucker booooohhhhhh

  18. You mean where it shows all of the different files that it's loading at the bottom? This can take a while, though should be in the 5-10 minute range. Try ejecting and re-inserting the disc. Have you got another DVD / CD drive that you can use? I find that laptops run windows installations faster than desktops, I have absolutely no idea why, but all of my desktops tend to hang on certain screens for about 10 minutes before the CD suddenly spins up and gets on with things.

  19. ok soooo…. when all the things load my screen keeps blue and is stuck on "setup is starting windows"….. anything you think I should do? I have waited for almost an hour so I think something is wrong.

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