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20 Comments on How to Remove a Forgotten Password from Windows XP NO Download

  1. >> So easy and effective. Remove Windows 7 password without any software. <<

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  6. >>New reset Windows password in a matter of few minutes with a password reset USB or CD is possible and everyone can do it>>

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  8. >> You can use this method to reset a forgotten / lost Windows admin password

  9. > HoW To rEmOvE A FoRgOtTeN PaSsWoRd fRoM WiNdOwS Xp

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  11. It does not work – administrator also requires password

  12. This is a great way to video How to Remove a Forgotten Password useing tool's description. So I think it's very nice video.

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  14. Thanks! This really helps me.

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  16. no it fucking doesnt work. i tried.

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