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How to remove popups / virus / malware / and adware on Windows XP/Vista/7 for free

Ccleaner Professional:

This is how to remove popups, virus, malware and adware on Windows XP/Vista/7 for free.
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27 Comments on How to remove popups / virus / malware / and adware on Windows XP/Vista/7 for free

  1. This took me a lot longer then 18 minutes

  2. Kudos Mike. Great video.

  3. Wow it worked!!! Awsome thanks a lot man i really apreciate it

  4. XD he said restart your computer thus i did then realized "wait i should have listened to the instructions first…"

  5. Thx a lot for ur tutorial on this vids sir,

  6. !!!!!OMG i have 8288 threates

  7. I have Google Chrome and have AdBlock installed onto it

  8. well this got me a virus so dont do this

  9. I had 11 129 threats… omfg

  10. Creepy intro but the video was really helpfull


  12. You are the MOTHER FUCKING MAN!
    You helped me save money and the laptop.
    Thank you

  13. Bigpicturepop keeps redirecting me to other websites.
    I've tried many things but It still isn't solved. I close my web browser but it starts on its own again and again.

  14. Wait, do I have to restart THE WHOLE COMPUTERS, or shut it down??

  15. fuck IT people who made Virus to made their antivirus bought by consumer

  16. i go to and contraception ads pop up in my browser. please how to fix it?

  17. i got 4894 threats thank you so muck!

  18. i don't know what to say .. just thank u
    fixed my laptop without format and loosing data … really thank u

  19. you know how to fix acces denied 0x80070057 and when i try to install some antivirus it wont let me install there's an error.and when i try to edit or configure my files or turn on windows firewall there's and error.

  20. It take so long to scan but it help a lot thank you very much

  21. why the download in safe mode

  22. Had to log in to say thank you….

  23. i have this stupid shit that says Загрузка… and i dont even know what it is

  24. Hello everyone, is this can format our all file if we do ?

  25. when i download malwarebytes from internet explorer, the download not started, it just loading :/

  26. What can i do if i dont get the stages running in combo fix??

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