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How to Repair a DEAD Computer

In this video, I have an HP computer that will not boot-up. Watch as I explain the diagnostic process and repair this computer in a ‘live on camera’ style. I hope to not only show you how easy it is, but also have you laugh a little along the way.

Original How to Repair a DEAD Computer (Feb 2012):

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49 Comments on How to Repair a DEAD Computer

  1. Nice troubleshoot demo,
    Nice job on the A/V too..
    (I'm a pro audio person)

  2. I help you most problem on desktop PC 80% of the time,
    Hard Drive & Power Supply …. the rest should last years .. and years!

  3. Fantastik video Mr. H. I sure wish you lived next door to me….You are a Wiz !!!!!

  4. i payed for the course , and just reliesed its free on youtube ????

  5. Thanks for the instructions. I learned that the first thing to do when such a problem occurs, is first check the RAM MODULES. By the way, I have an HP Desktop Computer since 2013 and have never experienced any problems. Knock on wood!

  6. So thanks for this. This really helped me out.

    I was playing a game and then my computer turned off. I couldn't turn it back on. The fans weren't working either and I have lots of fans in my case. But the LED on my graphics card was working as well as my mouse and keyboard which have lights. Anyway, I followed your advice on this video and it turns out my graphics card was culprit. I removed it and my PC could now make it through POST. Luckily my motherboard has an integrated graphics card, but I won't be gaming other than Minecraft until I get my new graphics card.

    It goes to show it was the least suspect component. I thought it was the PSU due to the fans not working. Check everything!

  7. Youre right about HP sir. Its a Horrible Product specially their printers and a high cost inks.

  8. Awesome vid. Thanks for the hard work.
    Although I cringed when you snapped that ram module without even testing it. I've had a very similar issue where it was actually the slot itself that had the problem and not the module itself.
    I've also found just recently in my wife's machine when I upgraded the ram, it was an incompatible module that was preventing the boot. So all I did was put it my machine and gave her one of mine that was compatible.
    I've also had the issue with my own machine where certain modules are not compatible with each other.
    While the outcome is the same where I would destroy a module, I would rather first test it on a different motherboard and if it boots, do a memtest.
    Keep up the good work Carey!

  9. Brutally honest at your own expense. Well done and mixed with humorous examples.

  10. Excellent home help diagnosis, helped zillions with my RAM issue, thank you Mr Holzman…

  11. Good video. In fairness to HP, the domestic stuff is rather poor,, but the professional stuff, eg Workstations, is very good.

  12. This is 2019 now, but your video is still good to learn from Thanks.

  13. This video is part of my tool kit as reference

  14. I like the content. Thanks for this very informative video. you have got a new subscriber.

  15. I'm also trapped into watching computers being fixed…. and I'm 87.

  16. great vid Carey, lernt sompin.

  17. Its always the last thing you check

  18. aw man i feel like the biggest moron, i actually just started with my DELL Latitude E6400 and i tried replacing the Processor with a newer one that had better speed it was successful but a problem occurred.

    Before the issue started i watched your video which you explained not pressing the power button to drain the power you could be " replacing the mother board or anything else". i realized i just killed my motherboard because it no longer shows a boot up screen which really bummed me out.

    I now have to send this in for 100$ for repair + 40$ for a shipping express cost.

    why 100$? apparently the company i'm now buying from stated they will clean, diagnose, 1 year warranty everything and including replacing anything that might be unrepairable.

    To me this sounds like a good deal, but a good learning experience you can never know everything but learning everyday is fun for me and now i just from your video alone i have more motivation to learn how to custom build my own PC and use laptops only for business.


  19. i have an exact monitor and that makes me your brother and i love dell though still raising funds to buy pc

  20. I'm trapped into watching computers being fixed and I'm not 82, but 82 is my IQ.

  21. Did you ever get the link? I want the link as well. Lol!

  22. Great video and fun to watch thanks

  23. Great presentation – very helpful

  24. We have a store that does that literally like the Soup Kitchen in Seinfeld, you either make a order with part numbers and you must know them no catalogue they just have it some how or you walk into the store and to the counter and same process no asking questions, no do you have or how it works etc no browsing etc just part numbers they walk out back come back give it you, you pay and leave lol ???? I love it. But this is In Sydney Australia ????????

  25. I was fixing my PC and literally had the same problem….. And voila it was a chip crawl with the RAM. Nice vid, thanks!

  26. Here in the Philippines we will try to repair that ram by using eraser in the gold part we can still sell that system unit here online thats why they say everything here is cheap but for us its expensive

  27. Great video! Thank you

  28. He tapped his crown at 30:40 and I immediately thought “Big brain.” I’m watching too much PewDiePie Minecraft.

  29. I diagnosed power module today. It had 3 connectors: 12v, 12v, 3v. I used $5 tester from Harbor Freight, it took about 20 sec. there was no need to remove anything except big computer cover (2 bolt)

  30. The closest way to build a laptop is to buy an older Lenovo, tear it apart and update it

  31. Very interesting and informative videos. Thanks!

  32. When Compaq was acquired by HP,they brought their damned Torx screws with them. HP also stands for Haphazardly Produced. I always replace those Torx screws with standard ones.

  33. I had a Dell 740 that died when power was restored after a local power outage. I figured the main board was fried somewhere or the hard drive died. Hard drive could be heard spinning using a stethoscope, but I couldn't hear the actuator arm move at all. I knew the system battery was low so I replaced it hoping that it just got tired of me ignoring the warnings. Nothing worked so I ordered a replacement CPU. Then I watched this video. I figured the easiest part of what Carey had done, that actually solved his issue, was to pull the memory DIMMs. I first pulled 2 DIMMs that I had added long ago when I'd beefed up the memory. I then powered up the CPU and It booted up perfectly. I figured one of the DIMMs that I'd pulled out was bad but to my surprise after re-seating them one at a time the computer booted up successfully and recognizes all of the 4 memory modules with no problems. Go figure.

    Thanks Carey..!!

  34. I never had any teaching at school about hardware and repairing pc, but I always did things just like you. Like… doctor on patient.

  35. I just bailed my HP out from a Trojan that cleaned me out. So Yes, I understand what you are saying! Age 80.

  36. Awesome Plain English Expert talk !

  37. Thank you for making these videos. This my second view on your channel. You have a new subscriber.

  38. Great video, very informative, thanks

  39. Great video Carey!!!! got to get my HP running again to save some files on it….then junk it!! My Dad worked for HP in the beginning of the company's building PCs…..sorry Dad!!

  40. I built my Lenovo M 90 P but used their motherboard and power supply and an Intel processor to put it together so what is a custom build now after two years it is messed up a little I push the start button it turns off and starts again we do have a lot of lightning in Florida and our power did get knocked out but it did not hurt any of the other computers so I am a little baffled I found a screw inside the computer that was loose have no idea how it got there the motherboarddoes not have screws t hold it in only the processor heat sink holds it in other than that there are clips.

  41. very helpful instructions. You are a great teacher. And you have a great sense of humor. Are you related to John Lovitz? (I mean that as a compliment)

  42. I don't even own a desktop pc, and i just watched your whole video. i feel like i can now open my own repair shop

  43. Thank you very very much for your video. I had a computer which is at least 10 years old is was good till it stopped. Followed your sequence and found a video card stuffed. Computer works again.

  44. I'm an old tech guy to 65,,been doing it for 16 years and I still learn everyday..thanks for all of the great tips..have a great day buddy

  45. Thank you CareyHolzman for this great video which I watched from beginning to end on 21st July 2019, as I had THE SAME PROBLEM WITH MY PC; namely that 'PC DOES NOT BOOT UP', thus having a rotating fan with a BLACK SCREEN. The next day, 22nd July 2019, I got up with incredible COURAGE to emulate your type of INVESTIGATION, and I followed you procedure for IDENTIFYING the problem/s step by step, and BINGO. In my case, it was ONE OF THE TWO 2GB RAM CARD THAT WAS CAUSING THE NON-BOOTING. So, I removed the faulty RAM 2GB CARD, and continued on to booting the computer running on ONLY THE REMAINING FUNCTIONAL 2GB RAM. The PC booted beautifully, and carried out updates, etc. etc. Well, as you said in your video, "…it's the challenge of investigating and never giving up on a problem..", or words to this effect. However, A BIG THANK YOU GOES OUT TO YOU, for without your generous sharing of information, I would have given up and remained IGNORANT about PC-PROBLEMS.N.B: I subscribed to your CHANNEL. You are a fine gentleman and a great teacher. Q.E.D.
    UDATE 24th July 2019: Today I received my ordered 2GB RAM CARD + iNSTALLED IT + CHECKED PC-PROPERTIES = BINGO, IT SHOWED MY PC IN NOW RUNNING ON 4 GB RAM. Thanks.

  46. thank you for sharing this video Sir it really help me to know basic PC troubleshooting,,,

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