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How to Repair a Missing NTLDR for Windows XP

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The Ntldr is a protected sytem file…..

Missing NTLDR for Windows XP access denied

After booting off the cd etc…you need to type: Attrib -h -s C:ntldr (to remove the protection.)

After the copy you need to type: Attrib +h +s C:ntldr

Let me know if it helped?

Windows XP

19 Comments on How to Repair a Missing NTLDR for Windows XP

  1. not able to open my pc same error what should i do

  2. Thanks – this helped

  3. I had this problem on windows 7, I fixed it by unplugging my external hard drive from the computer and restarted it. It booted up just fine after that. Try this method before copying files.

  4. what is administrator password?

  5. Hello, im at the point where my screen show NTDLR is missing and just have option ALT+Ctrl+Delete, and if i hit the button, it jut keep repeating to start but still unable to proceed to press any key screen'

  6. Nice video ! What do I do if I don't have a windows cd? Can I use a random one?

  7. how to Fix STOP: 0x0000007B – INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE ?

  8. My accsess has denied … What should I do?

  9. My problem is after the setup inspecting hardware message my computer goes black and remains black till… (las time they were 4 hours before i shutted him down)
    Any thoughts?

  10. As BunnyTheCrafter9 mentioned
    When you type in the command, E instead of D, like this: copy E:i386ntldr C: This is what I did worked for me! 

  11. The system cannot find the specified file!

  12. ntldr missing does not mean that it was hidden. It may have been corrupted. attrib command has no use in that problem..
    It should be the windows installer to be used using recovery console because you need to copy the netloader files to the root from the cd using dos mode.

  13. mine doesn't startup it just continuously restarts

  14. what is the name of the disks

  15. does not work says file invalid

  16. I fixed this a while ago, but now I have a new problem that I couldn't find a tutorial for: Unable to find BootIt in the EMBRM partition! It won't let me open the repair disk. So could you PLEASE help me.

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