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How to Reset a Windows Password Through a Backdoor

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24 Comments on How to Reset a Windows Password Through a Backdoor

  1. Good video. I do it a little differently. I do ren utilman.exe utilman1.exe

  2. i like your video but its vague right there. i think your a good teacher. and your voice is great!

  3. cant get to that it goes straight to user log in.

  4. just doesnt go to command promt

  5. For Windows Password Reset or Recovery dial support number 1-888-323-0333 anytime

  6. why in my recommended

  7. i are using windows 10 its not working can you help

  8. What a person cannot have his password he can't get into all those all those places that you went so that's an even make sense you could have got in there like that if you didn't if you didn't know the password already in there come on man. I mean it's like I'm sitting here in front of my computer and I don't have the password so I can't go in there

  9. Cant find osk.exe did they fix it or change name/dir?

  10. ooooor you can hit ctrl alt del

  11. Worked perfectly! Except… I was needing to reset a Windows 8 password and only had Windows 10 images… (tried, didn't work) so instead I just booted from a Linux LiveBoot USB and changed it through the Linux terminal instead. Worked like a charm!

  12. @WesleyDavid thanks for that, but I'm still confused! …(it don't take much!)
    What did you just do? did you re-set a local password or a Windows Account password?
    I have "Inherited" a Toshiba Satellite L750 from an old tenant of mine, too good for trash, looks to have been upgraded to W10 but I can't get in to find out!
    Does this method work for Windows 10, and once "in" if it is not already, can I then set up my Windows Account and password same as my other W10 machines??

  13. How did you get to that command window ?

  14. vid creator really should have prefaced UPFRONT tools needed before launching into the greatly detailed particulars. I would have know OUT THE GATE that I need a startup CD AND the sys needs to have an optical drive BEFORE I wasted 15 minutes watching a worthless tutorial. Yeah. Thanks.

  15. went into bios and changed boot priority but still will not boot from disk… i had to enable f12 for boot menu, and when i boot from dvd there , it still only loads into start screen. going to try another disk when i find one

  16. Excellent tutorial jif(chief)_Extremely well presented and simple to understand.. Keep up ta good work always!

  17. "Its your fault if MY tutorial breaks your shit"

  18. I bought my laptop at a pawnshop anyway computer worked great I set my password a few yrs ago and I haven't used it in months because of family issues my mom passed away a few months ago and I hadn't used my laptop but now I want to but I forgot my password and when I try yrs or others way it doesn't even load the command prompt window I really want to keep my files it's pics and videos of my family and my mom and don't want to loose them it sux this doesn't work on my laptop windows 7 premium if anyone can help I would really appreciate it

  19. Good and simple. Good job

  20. Thanks for share this. it is really helpful.

  21. You are Bad Ass sir

  22. Thank you I need to get on my laptop

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