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How to Reset your Windows XP Password in 5 minutes or Less

This video will show you the most simple way to bypass your windows XP password. This will come in handy if you have forgotten your XP Password. We are using XP Professional edition with Service Pack 2, but this method should work on the Home edition as well.

24 Comments on How to Reset your Windows XP Password in 5 minutes or Less

  1. Is it available on Win 10 also?

  2. Perfect thanks man. Quick easy fix. Appreciate the video very much

  3. Thank you so much! I just got an old Xp dell desktop from my neighbor and it had her sons old login on it with a password. Was able to go in and make my own account. Thank you!!

  4. What is the point of the password when without using a Windows XP CD, you can just go into safe mode and remove it?

  5. Thank you so much!! This just worked for me as

  6. Yeah it's easy you just Restarted
    The computer and go into safe mode and the when you are in your account Go into Control pannel to remove the Password but by doing that it will make your Computer More vulnerable

  7. I work this way but it didn't work because the administrator asks me for the password

  8. The data which was on the front of page deleted or safe

  9. thanks man just got in to my pc from 2001 lol


  11. Great, you had an unprotected admin account. Why even bother with the safe mode?

  12. Thanks so much for this info. My Father recently passed away and all the passwords to his computers went along with him. Because of your video I was able to access our old computers (my parents have kept every computer we've ever owned) which held photos and other important data. Thanks again!

  13. Thanks dude worked in 2019

  14. TYSM MAN, I can finally access old stuff!!

  15. Omgosh..thank you so much..this got me into my old computer. You are the bomb.????

  16. It’s asking for a password for the administrators login

  17. Hi this doesn’t work for me, could you please contact me to help me fix it, many thanks!

  18. Thanks so much! It still works in 2019

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