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How to restore your computer with command prompt

This video show you how to restore you computer with command prompt. you can also do this in safemode if you have lost any system 32 file

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33 Comments on How to restore your computer with command prompt

  1. this command will not work if you ddnt backup your files zz

  2. thank u so much I though I lost my pc thank you so much

  3. It is asking me to enter the command number, what number is that ?

  4. Did not work windows could not find return.exe

  5. Uhhh admin pass is greyed out

  6. compeleted restore thansx

  7. Mine has no restore point so I can't do it, any help?

  8. Acsess denied Why

  9. is there anyway of deleting all memory by this

  10. This will work even if your dell doesn't have a " Factory Image Restore/ Emergency restore " Setting in the F8/repair your computer/ part? Will it still work . ?

  11. I want to enable it, not initiate it…..mines is turned off I need to TURN IT ON…this is very frustrating.

  12. instad of going to cmd you can just go to all programs and find system restore doble tap it dummy thats just a codeing to open it stupid

  13. Thank you! I just repaired my computer. It helped me alot. I was running out of options.

  14. Could you make a video where you can bypass the admin password?

  15. Thanks I just fixed my laptop ya!!!!

  16. Works for windows 8 aswell

  17. Its a good feature but all you need to do is start it in RUN, or in Task Manager then Run, CMD is an option and if you where very good, you could just find the location in C:WindowsSystem32rstrui.exe

  18. Thank you I fucking hate viruses

  19. Will this work for windows xp

  20. U sir saved my life literally I am serious

  21. Cheers man this worked!:D

  22. This is one tough badass 😉

  23. mine looked like it worked then a blue screen came on so i have to start over again. and it keeps doing it. HELP!

  24. It's just me trying to promote myself on Youtube. That was all …

  25. whats that link mean

  26. Z is a letter of the alphabet. Glad I could help.

  27. Z?????????????????????????

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