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How to Restrict Applications Using Registry (Regedit)

How to Block Applications In Regedit ( Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8)

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19 Comments on How to Restrict Applications Using Registry (Regedit)

  1. How do you do this but requesting a password using regedit instead?

  2. In my computer is work!! Thank you, I can block the sucks app in my computer LOL

  3. omg dont need stuff like that . just download Leatrix 3.0 click download and done… 

  4. Watch this video if you can't find Explorer under Policies
    How to block using regedit

  5. In the folder Policies i don't have three folders (ActiveDesktop, Explorer, Ext) i have any, how it's possible?

  6. REPLY TO JULIAN TAYLOR: You can do it for the whole system by doing it in the HKLM hive.

  7. This can be VERY DANGEROUS if not done properly. You may end up restricting access to everything on your computer and the only fix is windows installation system restore.You can also just use Kaskpersky Rescue Disk, and rename cmd.exe to sethc.exe an then open cmd on the login screen and type this command, without quotations. "net user <username> <password> /add"  and then transfer files from unworking account to the created one once you login to it. HOPE IT HELPS!!!

  8. FElla pls Response to this

    im using apple produstion (computer) I tryed to download Cheant engine but on the main page theres a app name CXregedit? what can i do to destroy it to download cheat engine

  9. Can you do this for certain users or does it have to be the whole system?

  10. why is it there's no subfolder under policies named "explorer" on mine? what may be the problem? on :48s

  11. Try and press Ctrl, Shift & Esc
    When the Windows Task Manager Opens
    Then Press File and New File (Run)
    Then Type "SFC /SCANNOW" and let it run
    Then Type "CHKDSK" Let it run. It may need to restart the computer.
    If not let it run. If something loads up let the computer do its task.
    Let me know if this fixes the issue.

  12. Fella pls response
    I have some problem my personalize can't open it said that explorer.exe unspecified error, fella i know u can fix all this problem u r smart fella u can fix any problem fella pls help me!!!

  13. Thanks fella Sub. + Like

  14. Is this can change visual style in windows 7
    Thanks Fella!!! :)))

  15. Thanks but can this change my visual effect too?? i want to change my visual effect in my windows 7
    Thanks fella

  16. This website tells you how to restrict personalization. Also later on I'm going to make a video on how to do this tutorial. – trickyways. com/2012/01/restrict-user-to-change-personalization-settings-on-windows-7/

  17. Hey fella pls response to this comment
    How can i restrict my personalization by using regedit pls help me fella

  18. How to Block Applications with Regedit

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