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How to.. Run Older Programs in Windows 7 using Compatibility Mode

Have an older program that won’t run in Windows 7? Well here’s a trick you may be able to use to get it to run in Windows 7 – and still think it’s running in an older version of Windows. Give it a try!

27 Comments on How to.. Run Older Programs in Windows 7 using Compatibility Mode

  1. Dude… Write down your thoughts, cut the fat out, skip the reppetitiveness…..

  2. How can I get an ISO copy of a win 98 game to run without the Disc? Compatibility mode already saved without original disc in but win 10 64 bit home edition still asking for disc when I use the ISO file

  3. how can i run gta san andreas because if i click nothing happens i have (Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit)

  4. I bought older version of national geographics 108 cd & understand you just can't get it to work on windows 7. Is that right? Am I just wasting my time trying to get it to play? Thanks for your input!

  5. 256 likes, 256 colors.

  6. How Can I play wwe 2k15 in 32 bit

  7. I like you Julija Filipovic

  8. how can I run fifa 15 bro

  9. The version is not compatible with my device means Windows 7 it shows this program is on t compatible with your device

  10. I have an older HP Printer that won't work with Windows 7/64 bit. Is there any solutions for this type of problem??? Your help would be much appreciated.


  12. How about using 32bit run 64bit games?

  13. I can get older games to play, but the game comes up with the half the display cut off…. how do I fix this? I tried changing screen resolution, it didn't fix it. I use a 32 inch flat screen for a monitor, I don't have the issue if I use a standard computer monitor. any advice is appreciated.

  14. The best that can be said for this video: Compatibility Mode works just about as well as everything else in Windows. Good luck!

  15. Thank you!!!!!!

  16. This shit doesn't even work for fucking text programs.

  17. I recently bought Heroes of the Pacific, which is slated to run on Windows XP/2000, and despite changing the compatibility settings multiple times, I cannot get it to run at all.

  18. Can I play 32 bit games on 64 bit operating system?

  19. sadly this method doesnt work for may programs and old games

  20. when i run old battle realms, os(windows 10) gives massage that could not read INI. how can i fix that?

  21. my game is still not working plzz help

  22. mine is grayed out plz help

  23. When I start a pc game it goes to a box said "incompatible system please verify your system is compatible with this game" what should I do?

  24. can you play games using this?

  25. How do you run it on windows 7 cause i dont see the icon for windows 7 🙁

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