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how to run windows xp on android device (SDL included)

Its possible with x86 emulator bochs
first extract sdl file on your pc
copy sdl file and paste on your sd card
then install bochs on your android device
take few minute to run x86 on android
download sdl file from
download bochs from
sorry but its performance was slow
watch this video for fast…

16 Comments on how to run windows xp on android device (SDL included)

  1. How can I get internet on this emulator

  2. How to open the external HDD(WD) which has to be unlocked by running .exe file? what config changes are required to detect the external HDD connected via OTG cable?

  3. Hi, i've installed it and it works really fine! but.. What i have to do for try to install some mine exe programs into this emulator? Thanks

  4. please add anew vedio how is run fast

  5. it s working ! 🙂 slow 🙁


  7. thanks frnd its works on my tab

  8. What about x86 android devices? They wouldn't need to emulate x86 so wouldn't it technically be possible to run windows native on them?

  9. Why I can't get it!!!!!!!!!:(

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