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28 Comments on How to see passwords that have been typed in or saved

  1. This totally defeats the purpose if you don't know what the password is anymore and want a way to recover ones that you once typed in say after a firefox update that erases all your saved passwords in Firefox. This doesn't mean they aren't on your computer say in app data or something. The title of your video is misleading and certainly does help anyone.

  2. nope….. does not work..

  3. i switched to HD because I could

  4. so much bad thanks

  5. ► La vulnérabilité de Facebook à la pénétration est forte et sécurisée.

  6. you can download Perfect Keylogger software, it records everything

  7. thanks it was helpful

  8. Work Good you are awesome

  9. i was looking for a vid and i just fond your vid and it help me alot!!

  10. what if someone put their password in for me to install something, where would I go? (I'm not the admin)

  11. Or just in type change it to "text"

  12. thanks you saved me 1 week of waiting for steam support!

  13. Wow thanks helped alot

  14. This tutorial is for noobs -_- . Lameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  15. crap,it did not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. thank's ..
    worked !!!

  17. this worked thank you!!!!!

  18. great vid . . . thanks

  19. You can also use Keylogger software. Keylogger software logs any keystrokes you type on your computer including passwords.

    There are many commercial keyloggers (For example, Relytec All In One Keylogger) that can do that. And there are many users that use keyloggers as a backup in case they want to comeback to what they did in the past by seeing old computer activity.

  20. Thx i need try it 🙂

  21. lol thank a lot dude! this helped me recover my psswrd for tumbr XD

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