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How to setup and install a Windows XP Virtual Machine using VMware Player – HD

How to Install VMware Tools and why its Important:

When it comes to testing out new software or setting up a test environment for your labs, a virtual machine is definately the way to go! In this video, we will be showing you how to install and setup a fresh new Windows XP Virtual Machine step by step.

Keep an ear out for the details given through the video as well as the tips to be found at the end!

Link for VMware Player:…

20 Comments on How to setup and install a Windows XP Virtual Machine using VMware Player – HD

  1. I am considering using a VM in the near future and I am exploring my options. This VMware Player seems like a good option for the time being.

    I just have a few questions – is it capable of emulating old hardware? For ezample, if I set up a Windows 98 VM< would it be able to convince an old game that I have Sound Blaster or anything of the sort?

    Also, can it have a larger resolutuion/window size than what you showed in the video?

    Thanks :)

  2. thnx bro
    can you also make a video of how to uninstall everything??
    or link it if you allready have it :)

  3. no work for me 
    write that cant install on 32 bit

  4. Tried at least 12 times to install it but it gets Always stuck at "Installing Network". Cannot make it work on VMware and I Always need to install it on VirtualBox. Tried using 3 different ISOs with and without the virtual network card, same result. I'm actually able to install Windows Server 2003 only, no chance for Windows XP.


  6. thank you for the video, I installed it but I could not make the screen full size and i couldn't install wmware tools to help me with full screen it give this msg "the update server could not be resolved. check your internet setting or contact your system administrator. I hope you can help. oh and i changed the resoultion the screen become bigger but still not full screen.

  7. after you install windows xp how to install the drivers ? sound , graphic card , wireless

  8. Can i play gta vice city in this please help me

  9. Can u provide link for Vista ISO FIles

  10. I'm stuck at "Setup is starting Windows" screen

  11. Anyone come here from vinesauce joels Windows Xp destruction?

  12. Wait, does Windows XP depend on what Service Pack I have? For example, if my computer has Service Pack 1, should I download Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1 too?

  13. Um….. where can I find a product key? Can someone give me one?

  14. yes but wait where did you find this map you downoad it or what
    map: Software where did you find this map

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