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How to Setup and Install Windows XP – SIMPLE

From Start to Finish.

Step by Step Video Tutorial.
How to Setup and Install Windows XP.

Things you will need are…

Windows XP CD-ROM
Drivers and Utilities CD *If Needed.
*Some computers don’t need a Drivers and Utility CD ROM, for Sound and Network Drivers, because you might have a separate for backup or driver support.

Put the Windows XP CD-ROM into your “default CD-ROM Drive”.

Restart Windows. When prompted, there will be a choice on the Top Right hand corner of the screen. Press…

46 Comments on How to Setup and Install Windows XP – SIMPLE

  1. im stuck in windows setup

  2. i have a problem i found an old xp and it already had the hard drive but it could not open the internet although everything else was fine and it was not the connection and a few boots later the mouse just stopped working. plus, when it boots up it says that a dll file is incorrect and it says it over and over and over again.

  3. It is best to get CD and before installing go to BIOS and go to boot and boot device priority and put CD ROM and Floppy drive so it can boot 100% from cd and then follow this steps. BTW This helped me thank u. 😀

  4. bro can u send me windows xp os plese

  5. what if it says setup is starting windows.forever.

  6. auto service sell install , loads , bots

  7. i try to format Windows 7 and install Windows XP in my pc. But before i start the setup, i set the BIOS boot from cd rom and put my Windows XP cd into my pc, after that i start my pc. After the boot screen, normally it will say 'press any key to boot from CD/DVD' , but my pc didn't say anythings and the underscore keep FLASHING!!!!!! Anyone HELP me PLSSSSS PLS PLS Plssssss

  8. it is best to do a quick format because it hurts the hard drive to keep doing long format's unless heavy viruses and errors are happening. I had a hdd that I kept long formatting it and eventually the thing didn't work @ all. Anyway hope this helps. GO BING (not google). Cheers

  9. when im installing first it loads the windows xp files, then it says "Setup is starting windows" it crashes and shows a blue error screen 🙁 ????

  10. You have to Re-Install the drivers for your video hardware. Google Search Example : Lenovo IdeaPad Y570 Drivers or Lenovo IdeaPad Y570 Driver Support.

  11. you need to find the nic drivers, sound drivers, video drivers

  12. Your Google verification code is 305098

  13. how can i get 2 partitions like d:/ and c:/ ?

  14. For those having problems getting to the first blue screen, just hit the delete key a bunch of times until you enable the windows step up screen.

  15. Hi for anyone who is missing drivers I think I can help. Basically you will need the install cd that came with your computer/laptop OR go to your computer/laptop website and try to see if you can find drivers their, however if you can not go to your computer/laptop website due to missing internet driver/s you may also download the drivers on a different computer/laptop via USB or any mass storage device. Once downloaded and installed on your computer/laptop you can now successfully connect to t

  16. If you mean how do you get to BIOS, that's done by pressing F2,F10 or DEL first second when you start booting computer !!! ( which button, that depends on your PC, try all )

  17. I recovered my PC (windows XP pro) and ever since then my audio won't work and my Ethernet won't either. I tried updating but it asks for a disc so I put the XP disc n nothing. Help 🙁

  18. press F12 or F2

  19. How can you get an service pack, and why i can't connect microsoft 4 pc activation

  20. I am having this same problem. Did you find a solution?

  21. my usb keyboard is not detected on xp when i hit inter what to do?

  22. @fatdrunkfeet06 it looks like that on mine

  23. thnkxxxxxxx a lot dude !!!!!!!!

  24. i have vista and have made an xp install disk but get the bsod(blue screen of death)plz respond-help!!!!!!!!!

  25. is it supposed to stay at 0% for a laptop for a long time, and then start loading fast? Or is the download at a consistent speed?

  26. @UserIsAnFBIAgent hahaha

  27. my dell inspiron 8600 will not boot it says on a black screen cannot boot devices and i had it i think 2 yrs now

  28. my computer freeze durring the installation what i must do? I tried re install again but it froze again. help plz?

  29. how about pirated windows xp? I got one, when i tried to set up my pc, it's said i lost files. How can i fix it?

  30. @managementwizard its for the hard drive so windows recognizes it

  31. how do you get into the setup with the blue screen?

  32. what did he use to record this ?

  33. But mine is stuck at 34 Min what do I do? 6:54

  34. I can't instal my windows cuz it says that i canot find the hd i think it could be the sata…

  35. when i press F8 at the user shit it just dosent go on its like i never pressed it any help?

  36. @UserIsAnFBIAgent i've try with 3 different cd's but i get the same error…

  37. after the pc restarts it crashing…what i have to do now/???

  38. I have a computer that has a re installed OS ( windows XP PRO ) and the disc drives don't work, How do I get them to work again ? I had to do this a couple years ago but i forgot how I got them working again.

  39. if u put video how to setup windows, u should show that u must choose to boot from cd …

  40. @UserIsAnFBIAgent mines, a Dell Latitude D830

  41. After installing that, how do you hook up internet? I have a wireless card built in.

  42. I get bluescreen at 2:46 :S plz help

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