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How to: Setup Workgroup for Windows 7, Vista, & XP

1. Click on start
2. Right click Computer, then click Properties
3. Workgroup
-For windows 7. Click “Change Settings” to rename workgroup.
-For windows Vista. Repeat the same steps as Windows 7
-For windows XP, click on “Computer Name” tab
4. Under “Computer Name” tab, click “change” to rename workgroup and computer name.
5. Make sure your workgroup name is the same as all computer you would like to place on the network.
6. Success

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10 Comments on How to: Setup Workgroup for Windows 7, Vista, & XP

  1. You never changed the workgroup. I need help with joining an EXISTING workgroup… this video didn't help at all! PS. Fix your audio!

  2. Ok, very nice.
    But can you tell me, how would you configure this on Windows XP,
    I've almost done it, i can see myself from external PC in which Windows 8 installed in. But i can't see them, from my PC i have Windows XP

  3. Yes I have my workgroup now – I have one Vista PC and one Windows 7 – they can see each other but not connect because it's asking for user name and passwords which do not exist.

  4. useless information, works perfectly on windows 7 but not on vista

  5. hasnt worked can u pick up xp computers

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