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How To Speed Up Windows XP Internet Browsing – Ep. 15

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The elements that determine internet speed have two primary characteristics: First, the amount of downstream and upstream provided by your internet service provider (ISP). This can be checked using the free SpeedTest website. Second, the rendering speed of the browser and operating system installed.

Increasing internet speed through your internet service provider can really only…

20 Comments on How To Speed Up Windows XP Internet Browsing – Ep. 15

  1. I used to looove Google Chrome it was the fastest in my opinion but  then I don't what happend it started blocking a lot, takes time to load , I tried to reinsall it and everything but it didn't work so I ended up using Firefox

  2. Mate you are clever !

  3. my xp is SUPER SLOW!

  4. I may add this to my list, thanks!

  5. grome bowser , LOL 😉 Good Job (No Hating)

  6. Chrome is certainly my favorite.

  7. I think Google Chrome is the fastest web browser in my opinion

  8. Chrome for XP, Firefox for Vista and 7, no problems on either.

  9. oh my god this the stupid information

  10. Seven minutes and fifty eight seconds of a Google Chrome commercial. Thumbs down!

  11. Ok, Chrome isn't working good on my PC. When I have more than a couple of tabs open, it crashes. Mainly when I have something that requires the Flash plugin, like YT videos. Firefox is the best when it comes to stability, never crashes and can handle multi-tasking a lot better than Chrome. I am having some issues with it as well, so I am searching for other browsers…I think I'm gonna test Comoda-Dragon(?) or K-meleon or Slim Browser…I don't know :/
    Win XP SP3
    AMD Athlon 64 @2.21
    2GB RAM

    This is the free MediaFire Link to the only working internet speed-up program, created by SKIDROW, the popular hacking team. The uploader on the other hand has shown a fake method.

  13. And as I can see you are using adobe shit reader mmm it is not good man Foxit reader is much more better and quciker…

  14. Hey man you are crazy or what the best browser is iron you bloody demon and chrom takes 80 MB of RAM more than same thing in iron a CPU is louded more as well…and even mozila is better so scheisse on you!

  15. Google Chrome for the win :3

  16. Please post your questions at the community where not just myself, but IT and computer specialists from everywhere can help you get your question answered. It's at pcmtechhelp[dot]com/community

  17. My mother got a email with virus and I try everything know it won't even let me install windows xp I don't know what to do I have a cd from windows vista but its only to up grade can please give any tips in hoe to fix her computer please have a nice day my name is Henry

  18. Craig, actually is Firefox the fastest web brower, but google chrome have more download speed :p (On my computer)

  19. Another great way to speed up internet browsing, install Windows 7. 😛

  20. Yes, Windows 8 does have a "Desktop Mode" feature to allow you to use it just as if you were using Windows 7. Mind you, there are some slight changes to the ui, such as lack of a start button (very annoying searching for something on the PC, have to go back into Metro UI to do that), but it's basically the same setup aside from that.

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