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How to Speed up Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7

This video tutorial takes you through a simple 5 step process, explaining in step-by-step detail, how to speed up your Windows computer. These steps can be put into use by a beginner, intermediate or expert computer user. Add RAM, remove Norton and McAfee, clean up your system tray,

19 Comments on How to Speed up Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7

  1. I got 10053 error , can you help me to solve it please ? Thanks !

  2. I have norton and avg

  3. i dont understand my says it has 2 GB of RAM but i go to computer and it has like 64 GB free, explain please?

  4. Or Install Windows 8 with less heavy programs and without avg.. Because windows 7 is memory hungry.. Because of Aero.

  5. Step 1: Remove AVG
    Step 2: Install Avast.

  6. timallix I accidentally delete and  I mess into the computer now is running really slow, but has no virus. any tips pls. thanks 

  7. It's a great program, however do not mess on what you don't know. I myself use a program called Advanced System care 6 that actually has a lot of functions on 1. Including ccleaner's functions

  8. I love CCleaner. It not only speeds up your computer, but helps clean up a lot of unused garbage, cookies etc. Download is for free. You may want to look up 'How to us CCleaner' on YouTube. I'm sure there's a video on it. I recommend watching the video before using CCleaner.

  9. Thank you vary good work, I wanted to ask if you know of a program called CCleaner. If you don't know of it look into it vary nice program. thank you

  10. I have 1.00 gb of ram

  11. It help very much thanks!!!

  12. email me at and i will give you a name of a cd that will get you into a computer even if it don't have a hard drive in it

  13. you are so right about mcAfee and Norton I have always had that problem.I only go AVG FREE for past 3 years and its way better!

  14. Which of 5 the steps gave you the best results?

  15. Yes, well this is a problem with all versions of windows, (perhaps 8 is faster). My solution is to keep your system running at all times, and use the sleep function when you are not using it. Sleep is very low power consumption, and wake-up time is pretty much instantaneous.

  16. Your welcome!! It's just that you helped me so much.

    An do you know how to make the boot time faster cause for me it takes about 2 to 3 minutes for my computer to start up im runing a windows 7.

  17. Thank you! You're my first comment ever!

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