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How To Speed Up XP

This video will show you 7 different ways to speed up Windows XP. This tutorial requires one freeware program that can be found at

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  1. +TmanDaCool1 YO ASSHOLE this video was made in 2008 back then windows 7 wasn't released and everyone thought vista was shit (because it is) so XP was still the main OS at the time that or Macintosh but this video is on windows so i won't even get started with that 😛 think before you comment!

  2. Here's another way to speed up XP: GET RID OF IT AND UPGRADE. It's old, outdated, and NO LONGER SUPPORTED BY MICROSOFT !

  3. dicrease the color quality i mean on the icons etc… not the desktop hhhhh…
    i dunno how it was but search on youtube meaby someone has uploadet that !!!!!
    it really helps !! you can't even see the color quality is decreased it such as a little thing but helpful xD

  4. I've got a fast PC again 🙂

  5. Why are all these unprofessional fake PC Speed-Up tools not working.
    Take the PC Speed-Up tool from RELOADED instead. They are a very popular hacking group. You can get it here for free:

  6. try inserting a sd card whith ready boost on it

  7. Thnx man, now i got a fast pc!!!!!!

  8. Great video. I haven't found anything better than Detox My PC for speeding up my system. I could definitely tell the difference after using it.

  9. Show Us How To Make The Start Menu Full Screen Like In Windows 8

  10. download ccleaner and smart defrag

  11. Tanks thus sped up my Co by ten times it Rallye works

  12. it's very good the step 5 and 4 good

  13. 1. At the command prompt, type chkdsk /f
    This scans and fixes HDD for errors. May need to reboot
    2. Make sure you dont have multiple antiviruses. If so, delete the unwanted ones with the apropriate removal tool. Most AV have one. If you had uninstalled one from windows, you still need to run the removal tool.
    3. Increase virtual memory.
    4. Run memtest86+. Free aplication. Requires a separate boot disk as far as I know.
    5. Install additional Ram memory if you afford it.

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  15. mine is:


    simple to remember

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