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How to SPEED UP your COMPUTER – Windows XP/Vista/7/8 in 6 MINUTES 2015

How to SPEED UP your COMPUTER – Window XP / Vista / 7 / 8 in 6 MINUTES
1st Program :
2nd Program :
Here is the video how to make your computer or laptop fast for any window ( Windows xp , windows vista , windows 7 , windows 8 ) in only 6 minutes . This way cant increase your ram , hard disk or graphic card but it will make your computer like new it will…

20 Comments on How to SPEED UP your COMPUTER – Windows XP/Vista/7/8 in 6 MINUTES 2015

  1. is this working in laptop also?

  2. like it doesent work

  3. what do you do when you cant search?

  4. Can tjis work on a laptop to

  5. If i don't download the first program does the 2nd work?

  6. NO DONWLOADING needed!!!! Open start menu. CLick Defragment Disk than choose C analyse and defragment. Open Start again. click RUN and than write %temp% delete everything there. if u never did this u might delete up to 24GB of trash. Controll Panel. make HIGH PERFORMANCE instead of energy Saver and last go drivers instead of Quality make performance(caution) No HIGH PERFORMANCE because it makes the speakers go mad. since volume is quality ;)

  7. thx bro its now fast i mean very fast

  8. Thanks +Renaldo Balaj – Ninja Saga really helps now my computer gets faster a little bit but it really works now i can play the minigame xD….:)

  9. need to do file structure analysis and defragment for d: drive?

  10. May it take a lot of time to defragment my C: disk Reni? It's still defragmenting :S

  11. Work in old computer, if have 765 ram?

  12. so sad my pc is windows 8.1 xD

  13. Wow Thanks This is Really Usefull btw can you add me on facebook i m your fans 🙂

  14. 100% working [NOT HACK] XD

  15. diskeeper have 40 min. left :/

  16. Does it have virus or file lost when I do these steps?

  17. u know me im gay Xd

  18. Thanks For The Video  i going to install it thanks LIKE

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