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How To Speed-Up Your PC in Seconds

Make your computer faster with all this tricks, every single one of them. Really good tricks.

Here are the links to some things I said in the video.

1. Windows Defender:
2. AdAware:

My computer is running Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 3. It’s a Dell Dimension DE051 1100, with an Intel Pentium 4 CPU at 2.80 GHz 2.79 GHz, 1.125 GB of RAM. It’s over-clocked at 3.1 GHz, and I’m running Dual…

21 Comments on How To Speed-Up Your PC in Seconds


  2. thank you soo much DEFINATLY Subwcribing

  3. watching in 2016

  4. Hi!ta

    If i don't have AutoEndTask what should I do..?

  5. aww man!!!my pc i still slow 🙁 please help me
    Took 10-15 sec to refresh and took like 2 to 3 min to open things please
    dunno why my pc getting slower and slower 🙁

  6. To speed up the PC in seconds, one has to buy the utility which not only can clean the crap files but also can defrag the drive as well.

  7. Thanks lot its very much,now my computer is much better 

  8. Does this work with "Steam games!?"

  9. Thank you very much John, my computer now is much better 
    Thx a lot 
    and how can I know more video about speed-up PC topics? 

  10. You made me broke my puter

  11. …Or buy a solid state drive and put your operating system on that?  (The 512GB "crucial mx100" only costs $200)

    Compared to standard mechanical HDDs, SSDs are massively faster at reading and writing data which translates to great load times, google em' up.  They don't exactly help with things like gaming graphics however.

  12. everyone having trouble with slow PCs, try the software for CPU optimization, it worked for me..

  13. Note:
    1. Remember to turn off ringer on phone when making video.
    2. Don't be stoned. rolls eyes
    4. Just use Ubuntu (if you don't know what that is, use Google and find it)

  14. 4:57 idon't have AutoEndTasks 🙁

  15. here another way to speed up for your pc is

    1.upgrade to sshd or ssd
    2.upgrade a Cpu (like intel pentinum 4 to Intel core i7 i5 or i3)
    3.upgrade Graphic card like nvidia or ati (best value is gt 610 or ati readon under 100 buck) (opitional but it opitimize for gaming)
    4.upgrade your ram (gaming:8 or more GB)
    5.upgrade to windows 8 for faster boot and better use
    if you don't know how to do these stuff

    you might need to watch it on youtube video or buy a new one

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