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How to Turn Off Every Computer on a School Network! (2017)

How to Turn Off Every Computer on a School Network! (2017)

You can download the CMD.bat here –

This video is for education purposes, but however, due to the fact all computers have the same functions it is solely up to the Network Administrator, to disable the “shutdown -i” function, or allow limited access to users. I assure you, this isn’t illegal, just poor security on the Administration part.

Method 1
1. Hit Start menu
2. Type in “cmd”
3. Black prompt box…

22 Comments on How to Turn Off Every Computer on a School Network! (2017)

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  3. WAIT who's the girl in the back ground reply pls

  4. I walked into the middle IF the classroom then i sayed i gonna ddos you all

  5. Epic it worked!!!!! Gottem kid!

  6. I did this but at my school there is 7000 different computers how do I add all of them at once?

  7. I pranked my teacher by turning off her pc

  8. CmI'm melts were more helpful than the actual video

  9. In notes
    Just type
    Start and then save it as goodfile.bat

  10. Administrator disabled everything sadly????????‍♂️

  11. it says cant give a acsess or smth

  12. Whenever I try that one it says "error 53"any ideas plz?

  13. i have a problem when hit ok to shut down a computer it just freezes i need help

  14. Sadly we have team viewer on the school computers

  15. In sorry people but this video is fake
    What you will need to do to actually proceed to shutting everyone's computer down is.
    Step 1. Type in command prompt (netstat) without the brackets.
    Step 2. There should be a huge list of ip adresses.if you see the same up adress multiple times. That's yours. The others are other working computers on at the exact time as you.
    Step 3. Do shutdown -I copy – paste in the up into the add ip.
    Step 4. Enjoy . This is for educational purposes only.

  16. Guys if you don't have access
    Do this on CMD
    net localgroup administrators [username] /add
    And change user.

  17. It says access denied

  18. I need help, everytime I do it on my home pc, When I double click it for 3rd method, it just opens notepad. I defitnetly am saving it as cmd.bat I dont know what Im doing wrong so I need some help or i'll just try he other methods lol

  19. I got admin permission and shit with this so I can download Linux but I did Ubuntu but how do you do add the computer I don't want to Fucking use botnets on my school again…

  20. so you put the IP in add box as computer name?

  21. Ur gonna get suspended this is probably illegal

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