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How To: Uninstall Transformation Pack

What’s up guys, in this video I am going to show you how to uninstall transform pack. I have been making loads of tutorials lately and I would really like if you could leave a like and subscribe! If you have any requests to do a tutorial on how to get a theme or getting a software for free then feel free to comment below and I will make the video asap! Hope you guys liked the video!…

20 Comments on How To: Uninstall Transformation Pack

  1. I Can't find the files, I was afraid Winrar/Winzip would Virus my PC (Windows 7) And when I get on ROBLOX Or a website or anything as a matter a fact It lag spikes me.. In-Game or on a website.. I have google chrome (Of course) So If you could teach me better how to do it. I downloaded the Transformation PACK Yesterday.

    Anyways, If you could help! Thanks. ;)

  2. i installed the windows 8 transformation pack and i uninstalled it but i still see the windows 8 icons and IM MAD BECAUSE I HATE THIS pls someone help me

  3. I was uninstalled windows 7 to windows 8 theme, everything was deleted,but the start menu was stay in windows 7,today I need to upgrade to 8.1,help me delete the 8 start menu.

  4. I was installing it and it stoped and I restarted my pc and now it says cannot find expstart.exe


  6. When I uninstalled the transformation pack i lost some windows 7 themes that i loved and it still has the windows 10 themes it also has the windows 10 folder icon the same after i uninstalled it help please

  7. I uninstalled one and after that I installed another one but it keeps saying to me that there's a different pack.
    Please help fix

  8. how to uninstall snow transformation pack 1.5 on windows 7

  9. Thx I got my computer fucked up and this helped +1 sub

  10. where is the link??

  11. HELP ! The icons wont change.

  12. Please tell me how to fix it it screwed up my computer and i cant even reopen the app i cant connect to wifi or anything please i am screwed 

  13. What software do you use to record your pic screen

  14. I Don't get it! Pls reply back! because there aren't links in the desc

  15. Where is the link?

  16. thank you windows 8 was getting soooooo  annoying

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