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HOW TO unlock a locked windows 8/7/Vista/XP account without a password!!! VERY HELPFUL.

If u forget ur password use this windows xp hack and u wont have to go through all the trouble trying to remember ur password.

step 1: hold down ctrl and alt, then press delete twice

step 2: then when u see a little box that says password and and username, type in the administrator’s name

step 3: then it should log in and you can do wat ever u want to do

20 Comments on HOW TO unlock a locked windows 8/7/Vista/XP account without a password!!! VERY HELPFUL.

  1. Does it leave the persons password on there

  2. It totaly worked
    Well you just type administrader

  3. It doesn't work for windows 8

  4. This was helpful for my windows 8 locked screen

  5. thank you!! this is awesome 🙂 I passed my computer fundamentals exercise 🙂

  6. Hey, I can't hear very well, plus not a native English speaker, would you mind writing down?

  7. Didn't work. Still blocked from my inherited computer from the office. Sigh….

  8. sOOO stupid it doest work all time

  9. Doesn't work for window 8

  10. it is entirely possible, i have done it with a few computers, not using the same software but it works all the same, the only reason microsoft has spent years on the password protection is because every time they upgraded it people found a new way to bypass the security, you can even change the password without knowing the current password without software by using safe mode with command prompt, please check your sources of information before commenting and making a fool of yourself, thank you.

  11. U need to put your windows on safe mode first then do that

  12. Thanks a lot!:) I thought I would have to buy a new computer

  13. this dose not work smart one

  14. I made an account just to tell you how awesome you are this worked for me and now i can use my computer THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Sorry to hear that man :/

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