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How to unlock every xp character in don't starve in under 10 minutes! (Xp, no hacks or cheat codes)

In this video I will show you how to unlock (almost) every character in don’t starve in under 10 minutes, with a trick I found. The only characters which can’t be unlocked this way are: Webber, Wes, Maxwell, Wilbur and Woodlegs, since they cannot be unlocked via XP. I hope this will help you all!

38 Comments on How to unlock every xp character in don't starve in under 10 minutes! (Xp, no hacks or cheat codes)

  1. A fellow viewer has informed me that the days that pass once you cook the mandrakes do not add up to any sort of exp, so only the days that pass once you eat the cooked mandrakes will have an effect. It's still a very fast way to unlock the characters, but just be aware that you may need to do this two or three times to unlock all of them.

  2. Do we need R o G to make this

  3. Does this still work and if so does it work on nentendo switch?

  4. Was doing this and immediately found ring thing. 10/10
    update: like 1 minute later, found chester

  5. I kinda want to do this but I'm not improving my skill in the game


  7. The sounds they make it hurts my heart ???? I hate eating them.

  8. Ahhhhhh xp from days passing by interesting

  9. Yes this does work if your wondering it just took me 5 years to find at least 1 Mandrake soooo

    Myth Confirmed.

  10. it's the wails of the damned

  11. what about the shipwrecked characters.

  12. It did not work! Liar ???? (no hates like if it did not work too)

  13. For some reason I don’t have any mandrakes in my game ?

  14. But I can’t turn the supplies to lots

  15. Thank you for this. I unlocked them all now

  16. Thanks this vid helped a lot


  18. Old trick never die ????

  19. At first, i honestly thought it was fake. I didn’t believe it one bit. I decided to try it, and OH MY GOSH IT ACTUALLY WORKS!!! You do have to try it a few times to get ALL the characters, but it got me a lot of characters. It did take me a while to find enough mandrakes, though. 75 days baby!!

  20. To bad this doesn't work in the switch version

  21. bruh you can just skip the days using commands.

  22. I wasted an hour to get those mandrakes and guess what, the new update made it harder for me to find those so when I found all I needed and did everything, NO CHARACTERS WERE UNLOCKED 🙁

  23. video is true i make and boom all characters unlocked omg tytytytytytyty

  24. First time unlocking characters in Don't Starve, this finna be a Breaze!

  25. On PC version only, u can install "Don't Erase My Save Slot" mod then hit save just when you have cooked all of them. After you die, press "Retry" to go back but to that point but still earn exp. Save a bunch of time.

  26. This doesnt work anymore. Got 34 mandrake survived 78 days and no xp at all. Total waste of time.

  27. what if your on moble?

  28. In the newest update of dont starve you dont have the option to change any thing to lots only more so it takes longer to find the mandrake. Took me longer then 10 mins to find them but I'd say it's still worth it????

  29. Im doing this in console but I cant edit mandrakes. They dont show up when making my world. or does this only show up on pc?

  30. Change title to = "How to cheese unlock characters unlocked by experience in under 10 minutes"

  31. I just downloaded unlock all characters from the steam workshop

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