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How to use a USB Flash Drive as RAM in Windows XP

Tech With Dinjin201 – Tech Tips – Episode 1:

Here, i will show you how to use a USB Flash Drive as RAM…

A few Notes about this:
1. Flash memory can only be written to an x number of times (about 10 million rewrites). this means that after 1-2 years, your “flash-ram” will stop working, and you will have to buy another memory stick…

2. The second thing i wanted to mention is that you need to use ATLEAST a 512 MB Flash Drive for this. I know i used a 128 MB one in the video, but…

20 Comments on How to use a USB Flash Drive as RAM in Windows XP

  1. can I use for windows 7 ?

  2. da ce windows xp ai ma ce zic eu

  3. Dear Minecraft babies and faggots.

    This will not make minecraft run as fast as your hoping.

    Love the Master PC Race.

    PS> Get better Processor and Graphics cards.

  4. Can I use it for ram and memory

  5. How can I do this in windows xp

  6. It made my pc worse

  7. Bull shit go fuk off

  8. i did all step but when i restart computer the is no pagefile.sys on usb flash and also i cant delete the pagefile.sys ( which means this pagefile using by windows ) please help

  9. why only 128 mb ? i using local disk D and put (intial size mb)= 1500  (Maximum size mb) =3000 ……….from total paging file size for all drive 1500mb to 3000mb..
    with without USB flash drive

  10. i have a passport ultra that holds up to 1 terabyte of space can i use it for this trick and have 1 tera of ram?

  11. I guess I'll try this tactic with a other flash drive. Thanks for the info

  12. Won't work for me computer won't restart

  13. will it show the ram incresed it did't on my pc

  14. Can i return it back as a pendive

  15. If I shut down computer and remove external drive I had used as ram and start up the computer without it will it not start up? Or must u have it in same port and use same external drive to turn computer back on?

  16. How come on windows 8.1 that RAM Drive does not exist? Dont say I skipped a step, I double checked.

  17. Thanks for the video.. Helped a lot..

  18. thanks a lot bro.. been so helpful.. (y)

  19. Thanks for the instructions, but I wasn't able to make the change.
    After hitting "Set", I  followed the rest of the process and after restarting my computer.
    The page filing virtual memory defaulted back to C: drive.  Am I doing something wrong?

    Patso in Hawaii

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