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How to View/Edit AppData on Android without Root or ADB | Last Level to ∞ Infinity Loop

Use this trick to view/edit app data that would be normally found in /data/data, a folder that requires root or ADB to be accessed.

Don’t ask questions about specific apps since this tutorial is just getting to what would normally be found in /data/data.

Things addressed in the comments:
– /data and /data/data are read-protected directories, which is why you cannot see anything in it and instead you need an app that can type the path such as Ghost Commander.

Why this works:
Apps have a…

38 Comments on How to View/Edit AppData on Android without Root or ADB | Last Level to ∞ Infinity Loop

  1. How did u save the data and make a separate file

  2. It doesn't work, rooted and system files cannot be seen

  3. The real question is how to acces with Metasploit? ;___: Even I have rroted device but caan't view

  4. thank you, you are fantastic!!!! as for other users, you saved me a lot of work 🙂

  5. I found the file of the game I want to hack but I can't open it. In fact, I can't open any file. But when I go to the 64-bit directory, I can open files but can't find the game file. Any solutions? Thanks.

  6. can u replace files with it ?

  7. What do you use the ftdp app for again?

  8. I have 1 probelm:

    I have 2 games in Parallel Space, one is working normally, the folder appeared in the parallel folder, but the another one dont seemed to be anywhere. I checked obb but there's nothing. The only thing I saw is folders with my working and not working game's package name, but there is no files inside it. I tried reinstalling Parallel Space but it didn't work.

    Working app's folders:

    Non-working folders: /data/data/com.lbe.parallel.intl/parallel_intl/0/

  9. Well, I used to be able to edit the files.
    Here is the path
    That's where you'll find your apps. Mine isn't showing anymore though. I have it saved to my favorites and have also tried manually typing it. Won't let me in. Takes me back to "/"

  10. help, i cant see the files of the apps

  11. I just want to add music on gd -_-

  12. How to do it with the Multiple Accounts App & Es File Explorer :

    – Load the game & es in the Multi Accounts app

    – save the the path /data/data/com.excelliance.multiaccounts/gameplugins under your Favorites

    – open the favorite folder in your Homepage and BOOM you have all your data with the shared_prefs 😉

  13. You need root to find data/data, otherwise u wont see it

  14. You saved me a lot of work.

  15. Does this work on the iPad version of undertale

  16. Bro please tell, how to save the data of clash of clans game in parallel space

  17. HELP when i open ghost commander there was nothing

  18. What if the files and cache folders are empty in the app I want to edit and I used the app for and then closed it.

  19. great video bro, I have a problem I lost my login user name and password for pokemon go, can I use this to get back my login user name and password for pokemon go on android? u got my sub bro

  20. The file manager is not opening from parallel space Help

  21. @William Situ exist any virtual app like parallel space work in x86 phones or tablets?i know a person need this trick to access the data folder without root but the problem the parallel space is not compatible with the x86 tablet,exist any android app work like the parallel space with x86 to make this trick>?thanks

  22. You can use this to use backup saves of Angry Birds Transformers without root!

  23. I can't open /data/data it just takes me back to the home screen

  24. Hi! I tried to open data and it does not work

  25. I cant allow my ghost manager to access my storage when on parallel

  26. Lets say i have a save file that runs server side that is not mine. I have tricked the game into thinking it is mine and the servr saved it. But mny people have the same save state. How do i delete the account information and add mine in the android/data/file. More over and to be specific, how do i figure out which Sdat file is the account info?

  27. Data is encoded how to get readable language

  28. Cant this hack Bit Heroes?
    Can u try it plz mr

  29. any other app besides parallel space?

  30. it wont let me go to the first /data

  31. hey bro . can u help i have install parallel and a clone app to modify . the problem is when i open ghost commander is empty nothing is showing up . help me . how do u do it to see the files pliz .

  32. I can't find the data/data please help me

  33. Thank you so much. Also, for anybody who wants to hack a game (like free in-app purchases) but doesn't know how to edit the data files, use an android emulator that comes pre-rooted (like memu) and install the game that you want and the freedom app. Then, buy whatever you want in the game and take the data files using the root mode in ghost commander (Make sure to use root mode so you can access the files properly without any problems.) . After, move them to your computer using the connected folders and move that to your phone. Then, just follow the steps here but instead of editing the xml files, copy the folder of the game and replace the old one. I used this for the game rodeo stampede to get the cash cow for free. Keep in mind that this won't work on every game because either the free purchase wont work because the game has server side purchases and you wont be able to buy the item or, your data is synced to your google account or to their servers and since the data isn't stored on your device, it won't transfer anything.

  34. How do i exactly edit for example hill climb racing? i doný get how to get to the data

  35. i cant find /data/data
    i can see /data and com.ibe.parallel.intl is not there in that folder. i did a search and the said folder is found only in /androud/data where the required file to edit is not available

  36. help i can't select /data/data

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