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How to: Windows xp Performance – #1 virtual memory

I will try to explain you some tricks and tips to improve the performance of your pc. Starting off with the virtual memory setup.
For those who are interested, here is some explanation why set up the virtual memory of your pc like in the video shown:
When your pc is out of memory (happens if you are runnig a lots of programs, or programs wich are using a lot memory) it uses virtual memory, wich is a file located on your hard drive. In default this file has a various size. Usually the…

5 Comments on How to: Windows xp Performance – #1 virtual memory

  1. turn the computer off and remove the ram.

  2. Free up ram, clean up junk, remove viruses, prevent viruses, make games run faster.

    Add: /watch?v=ekjiXIZyGd4
    to the end of the URL link.

  3. 1)make some manny
    2)goe and buy new computer
    3)have fun

  4. dude i put in 4000 would that mess me computer upp ? plz answer

  5. so I need to click the 'adjust for best performance' circle to get the effect?

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