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How To:Hack a Windows XP Password

If you’re a limited account and for instance maybe want to install something that you need to be an admin to do I’ll show you how to hack any account on the computer’s password ENJOY! =D

I’m currently working on a new video that will explain how to do it if you get system error 5: access denied. And I’ve heard of a rumor that windows has a file that contains all the passwords, for all you people who don’t want to change it, but know it. Again THANKS FOR ALL THE VIEWS ^_^

20 Comments on How To:Hack a Windows XP Password

  1. error system 5 !!!

  2. exactly…someone must show us HOW TO FIND THE PASS…not HOW TO CHANGE IT.

    for example i wanna see some of my roommate's reports…or essays without him knowing the fact that i logged on on his account..and of course without changing the pass, but knowing it

  3. this works only for XP. not vista.
    For that, ull need a program that can use the algorithm that windows uses to encrypt passwords into one single file. Once u have that program adn the file, u can hack into the computer without even changing the password

  4. Reply to : XxArachixX
    on his comment : Parental Controls won't stop u from installing things.. the thing that is holding u back are called User Accounts Control (UAC).. U might wanna disable it and u can install anything u want =D

    my Question is , how can we disble that . where do i find User Accounts Control ? pls reply

  5. system error 5 occured.
    access is denied.

    delete this spam video!

  6. u fucking failed it…

  7. this works:
    2.type lusrmgr.msc are at the user contorl system somthing like that.


  8. thanks alotJARHEADSEXY it works i am not kidding and i subscribe to you

  9. Ok so everytime i do this i can get to the part where i hav to put in the passwords. but when i go to finish it, it says that error 5 has happened and the access is denied. i tried what xxxcpunurdxxx said but it didnt do anything. and i've tried every video on here that my browser will allow. im a normal user and i want to hack my parents admin account. they put stupid parental controls on that wont let me install anything. can anybody help me?

  10. can you make a video of how to do it on vista and with a little better camera work it's hard to see

  11. if you are trying to hack a windows xp.

    at the log in screen press
    ctrl, alt, delete [twice]
    then another screen will come up type in administrator then click log in.

    you will then have a new accopunt with administrator rights.
    you can go on control panel accounts and remove the passwords from the on your trying to hack.

    but if you are just trying to get on the intenet that account will work. =]

    comment back if you got it. =D

  12. When I boot, all I get is a screen with a curtain bckgrnd, auser "Mark", and password line. I can get into bios with F keys or setup. Can I do anything from those?

  13. can't read the video. blurry. Is there a sound track?

  14. dark…. it's old way

  15. at the begining menu thing with the user icons hold Ctrl+Alt+delete (not backspace,delete)
    then you will see something that says enter your username and password
    for the username put administrator, for the password dont put anything (it has no password) its a backdoor login for cases like that

  16. mee too help??????

  17. OMG i dont want to change it. I'm not admin on my computer my dad is,so if i change the pass he will take this pc away…ALL I NEED IS TO FIND OUT WHAT IT IS.If any1 knows how to get it plz i need ur HELP!!!!.

  18. if you have vista click search and type in run

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