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Infestation New Z – Fastest XP Tutorial – Get Hardened – NewZ is FREE ON STEAM

typeForced tries shows a fast way to get XP.

Infestation: The New Z – FREE Survival Looting & Shooting Game on Steam

Infestation: The New Z is an official, massive re-work of Infestation: Survivor Stories (previously released as The War Z). Experience a massive open world shooter featuring a dynamic player vs player experience in different game-modes and worlds.

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39 Comments on Infestation New Z – Fastest XP Tutorial – Get Hardened – NewZ is FREE ON STEAM

  1. Give me account 🙁

  2. Seems a little cheap. Kinda takes away from the game, for me . Part of it is supposed to be trying to find good loot. :/ But, thanks for the vid. Good to know premium is cheap enough that even I can afford it.

  3. So better rent a private server with colorado v1?

  4. what l have to do to open the MarketPlace


  6. I Have A Tip Unload Clip Then Drop The Gun Then Use 1 Gun That Is Compatible Magazine

  7. Can I Join Private Server Please Give Me Password And The Server Name

  8. Hello Mr.typeForced. I cannot show the SHOP(F10 Button). How can I fix, or this is deleted from NewZ?


  10. I got on top of a chopper but the super zombie chased me up

  11. That's why it's called PAY TO WIN

  12. do you need the upgraded account to do all this?

  13. This video was on my Birthday

  14. 6:28 has 4977713 GD
    11:49 has 4944201 GD

    nice dude nice

  15. What do load outs do?

  16. you can I use ur sever to do the NATO base xp I just need the xp not the loot

  17. when can we start renting private servers again?

  18. Also lil tip. On PVE servers you can grenade yourself and your car and you won't be damaged or blow up your car

  19. do you have a clan on newZ

  20. How did you get your game to load so quickly?? Mine takes forever

  21. When i played colorado v1 i didnt see that much zombies i mean i saw really much of them but not that much they patched it ?

  22. so you an buy stuff even during playing in a server?

  23. sub + 1…:) any vid on weapon for noob like me …like put scope on weapon…lol that be great

  24. How to hight jump pls.

  25. Most weird tutorial ever

  26. I saw this video to try to farm and my friend tells me theres a streamer giving away his server to subsribers.. IT WAS YOU!

  27. How is it possible that you found sniper normally on the ground?
    We had a private server too and nothing.

  28. yeah the game is pay to win

  29. Excellent! Yep. I think private servers are better. Hate to keep getting killed on the official servers. Just wanna kill zombies and get loot. Thanks again.

  30. How much can you store in the GI?

  31. do you know why i dont have the high jump anymore? it just went away randomly

  32. one question good sir , can we pick again the GI thing that you put there? or just only one time use and forever gone? and every one can access it? or can be destroy by someone else? sory for bad english..

  33. Its only the Super Zombies that drops sniper ? (except the Fn fal)

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