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Install the Watercolor Theme on Windows XP (Tutorial)

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Ever wondered if you could get the Watercolor theme from Windows Whistler in the final release of Windows XP? Well, in today’s video, I’ll be showing you a way of doing just that!

Watercolor Theme:
UxTheme Patcher:

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36 Comments on Install the Watercolor Theme on Windows XP (Tutorial)

  1. does it work in windows 2000 ? i will give a try ….

  2. if you look around the web you can find a version of the theme that features all 3 colours from the betas of xp…

  3. Best theme for XP. I love it.

  4. Thanks for the tutorial. This worked great on Windows 10, lol ????. I'm just messin' with ya. I have a virtual machine running Windows XP Professional SP3 (after upgrading from Home Edition SP1) and the themes work great.

  5. And now that deviantart page is dead… :/

  6. Why microsoft remove this theme in final build XP ?

  7. OMG Its working!!! Thank you mjd

  8. Thank goodness that childish Fisher Price inspired theme can go away.

  9. Can you try The Windows Longhorn 3683 Plex theme on Windows XP

  10. Can this be installed on windows 10?

  11. hehehe.. its 2018 and windows XP is still the thing

  12. I clearly remember downloading a theme that looked exactly like this but in pure black and using UxTheme Patcher to install it on Windows Vista (heck, maybe it was XP not sure anymore this was right before Windows 7 launched), and it was my favorite theme ever. Seriously, this theme looks more elegant than the default Windows 10 theme. I want this theme on Windows 10.

  13. You should cover how to bypass the activation on XP.

  14. Can you plz try Windows 8 Green Edition 2017?

  15. I want to see it in windows 10, personally.

  16. These Windows XP Visual styles should be tested on ReactOS

  17. Nice, do u think this tweak will work on POSReady 2009 aswell? It is based on XP Professional SP3, so it should work.

  18. this doesnt make sense for me.
    you need to patch your system to run themes made by someone else, but this one was made by microsoft

  19. I happened to stumble on this theme a few weeks ago. LOL

  20. You're supposed to copy the files to "(drive where your Windows installation is located)WindowsResourcesThemes", then Windows will automatically detect it, usually after a restart.

  21. wont lie, it's not working for me

  22. Does it work on windows 10??

  23. Might be 15 years late

  24. Well, you can also copy the theme file and folder to C:WindowsResourcesThemes. That usually works better if you have multiple custom themes

  25. I wanted to do this 17years ago 😛 now show how to install it on Windows 10 😛

  26. It works for linux?

  27. Well, I knew that already.

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