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Install Windows via command line

In this video I show you how to install Windows 8/8.1 via the command line using diskpart, DISM, bootrec and bcdboot.

We first need to partition the disk and get it ready for the Windows install, then we need to extract the install.wim file to the hard drive, and then create our BCD store. We are doing this all manual just because we can lol, but also because I had to and wanted to show others how.

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  1. MERCI beaucoup , vous êtes professionnel , vous m'avez beuauocup aidé en mettant cette vidéo sur internent, j'ai résussi à télécharger mon windows même si j'ai pas compris l'intégralité de votre explication

  2. I WANT YOU TO TRY TO INSTALL WINDOWS XP………………….SAME PROCESS……………just like you did in the video………………..CAN YOU JUST TRY IT?……………IF WORKING then…………pls……………..tell me all the steps you apply…………step by step…………………….pls…………i just need it for my old laptop…………..pls…………..if you want………thanks………….if you don't want……….then thanks again……………….i just want to say "good job" for your video………….i hope you can help me…………..#EveryoneAlwaysHappy……….


  4. Please all comment my. Im soo hungry ????????????????????im deleted windows !!!!!!!! My twitter name ChillzStudio in your sent all images what happened my computer!!!!!! Please twitter follow

  5. Thanks so much man now I lost all my files stored on the hard disk
    You should put a warning message “CAREFUL ALL DATA ON THE DISK WILL BE LOST” ????

  6. I'm on windows 10

  7. You talk too much..damn.Just explain the scenario and get on with it.

  8. This actually worked before I had driver issues and when I got it installed I downloaded the drivers

  9. Ohh man! I have watched a bunch of videos, and I mean a bunch, but this has been the best one so far which has yielded me successfully results. I mean I got back windows after my stupid mistake of deleting the windows boot option and corrupting the windows boot loader.
    Thank you so much! I owe you a big thank you!

  10. the file "" is in "sources *"
    X:windowssysteme32> you can write [ * dism /apply-image /imagefile:D:sourcesinstall.wim /index:1 /applydir:C: ] and Done

  11. This technique had formatted my whole hdd… Now tell me how to recover the files… Please help

  12. I used this method for windows 8.1 to go on usb but it has been on 96% for more than half an hour now, much slower than before. I really hope it works, because I tried this before with cmd booted pc antivirus on and off and it still didn't work, so I tried it by booting from Windows DVD. No errors till now

  13. Is the applyimage command specific to windows 8 dism? It won't let me extract to the root directory on 7.

  14. Thank you very much you are a genius

  15. I do like what u don I format all my hard disk

  16. installation starts at 3:45 ur welcom

  17. can I. instal on my. pendrive…??

  18. Hi. Hope you could help me. In bootrec /rebuildbcd, when I choose yes, it says: THE REQUESTED SYSTEM DEVICE CANNOT BE FOUND.

    Thank you.

  19. Not working shown error

  20. if install.wim doesnt work try install.esd
    BTW THANKS ALOT!!!! Now i can skip product key in 8.1!!!!

    Edit:When i type bootrec /rebuildbcd and select y to add to boot menu it says element not found

  21. what is disk 0? will it clean any data from my pc.

  22. Awsome It Worked Thanks I Tried Everything But This Is The Only Video That Works Yeeeeeesssss Windows 10!!!

  23. Thank you! Successfully installed Windows 10 on Samsung laptop with boot loop problem!

  24. what about in case if u have .exe file instead of .win file

  25. Error :87
    The parameter is incorrect.
    The DISM log file can be found…..

  26. wtf wow expert!!

  27. It solved the issue with Lenovo 100s 11iby where no option to boot from USB and the backup was damage . So only instead of applying the image
    Use the dir. of the connected USB and type setup.exe then install the new windows.

  28. Thanks a ton man, it helped a lot! I was having problems with a Toshiba Satellite and tried to do a fresh installation of Windows and this helped me do so. Keep it up!

  29. You talked for 3 minutes straight before you started the tutorial. Come on bro. We are not here to hear you vent.

  30. Why are you talking so much? You really got my nerves. If I would have you near I would use the iron stick to beat you just because you're talking that much and that voice! You've got so f*****g irritating voice! I had to switch off after 2 minutes. If you planing more uploads consider some bloody voice surgery at least. Thank you.

  31. Awesome. Thanks a million

  32. dosent work wtf waste of my time

  33. i have format C then did partition and assigned letter just before installing install.wim pc goes OFF .. now wen i start my pc it goes to BIOS window and doesnot boot from USB ! what should i do now

  34. When running bootrec /rebuildbcd and selecting Y for yes it gives an error "Element no found".
    Same for bootrec /fixboot

    bootrec /fixmbr and bootrec /scanos works fine

  35. can u make a video on how to repair windows using command prompt, i got almost all needed but sometimes it shows file missing errors so to fix i need some commands can u help me out..

  36. 4 minutes later. Thanks you time wasting c***

  37. ASI LIKE THIS : dism /Apply-Image /ImageFile:E:install.wim /Index:1 /ApplyDir:C:

  38. Shut the Fuck up and do it. All these Fucking videos blah blah blah and after you hear all their jibber jabber it doesn't even work


  40. why these mother fuckers don't get into point directly. waste of time son of a bitch

  41. lol man my pc tottaly damage only for you

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