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Installing Windows XP on VMware Workstation

In this tutorial we’ll take a look at how to install Windows XP on VMware Workstation.

20 Comments on Installing Windows XP on VMware Workstation

  1. Outdated…the latest version is 11, c'mon!

  2. Help me please .. unable to create a new machine: No permission to perform this operation !! pleaaaaaaase i need help :(

  3. What was the code?

  4. thank for the help :-)

  5. 13:22 !!!!!! 88% blabla

  6. +ByKamil27 Это звучит, как личные проблемы

  7. хуесос ебаный ссылку на скачку нельзя было оставить сука амерекос ебучи и правду говорят амерекосы пидарасы вас русские в рот канчают

  8. where do i find ISO sites that have free OS

  9. Disc instead of iso file? When you create the virtual machine you can choose between installing from disc or iso file.

  10. You can just delete the Virtual Machine. Click on VM and then click Delete From Disk. I have VMW 7, so it might be a bit different in 9.

  11. How can I uninstall an OS like win xp home edition from VMW workstation 9? Thanks

  12. Thanks, and i dont like virtual machines anymore anyway, and i got it fixed, THANK YOU THOUGH

  13. When you initially set up your virtual machine, vmware asks you what type of operating system you are installing. It may cause issues if you didn't do that or accidentally selected the wrong one. Also, be certain that the disk image you are using is good. If you ripped the ISO file from a CD make sure the disk isn't scratched and try doing it again. Let me know if it works.

  14. how did you get vmware to know that it was win xp because mine says: Could not detect which operating system is in disk image.You need to specify which operating system will be installed please please help me i can never get it to work 🙁

  15. well it says operating system not found help me please!

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